13 beautiful flowers that will breathe life into your gloomy days

It is known to all that the flowers uplift our mood. They bring happiness along with them and that is the reason why they have many other positive connotations attached to them. Their beauty, fragrance, and good vibes make them perfect for sending them as gifts to our loved ones. You can ensure the happiness of a loved one through a simple online flower delivery To Pune that can send your messages of love and affection to your friends and family members residing in various parts of the country. Knowing that it is not recommended to leave our houses currently. You can surely visit an online flower shop and choose some flowers to send some hope to your loved ones living away from you. Given below are 13 beautiful flowers that are perfect to breathe life into your gloomy days.


The large flower heads of sunflowers follow the movement of the biggest source of energy and that is why they have been named sunflowers. Its bright yellow colour makes it an indicator of happiness. Therefore, you can buy a bunch of sunflowers to deliver happiness to your friends to overcome their feelings of sadness.


If not the sunflower then you can choose a pretty little substitute for the same flower which is a daisy. Daisies are either white or yellow and they look pretty much like a sunflower itself. They are also known to invoke sudden emotions of happiness and positivity in people who look at them


Lilies have a popular association with fertility and regeneration. You may search for online lilies bouquets and get them delivered to your loved ones for occasions that indicate new beginnings such as marriages or a baby shower.


The lovely blooms of orchids bloom throughout the year. Thus, ensuring a touch of mellowing fragrances and mood-enhancing colours around you during the winters as well. According to Fengshui, Orchids are known to boost positivity.


Peonies offer a gorgeous bloom during the spring season. They bloom in various eye-catching shades of Magenta, Red, White, pink and yellow. They are famous for cut flowers that are widely used in bouquets for all occasions. They add beauty to the floral arrangement.


If you spot a bright yellow, trumpet-shaped or cup-shaped flower with 6 petals. You must rejoice at the arrival of spring. Daffodils are cheerful flowers that start blooming with the onset of spring. Thus, indicating their arrival they are known to stimulate buoyancy.

Forget me not

A flower with a yellow centre and 5 baby blue coloured petals around it. This flower is offered as a token of remembrance to our loved ones; the forget-me-nots can also be found in light shades of white and pink.


If you are feeling sad about something or you can sense uneasiness due to unknown reasons. You may use chamomile for your rescue. The dried petals of these flowers are used in making tea that helps to get rid of anxiety and is believed to help reduce the amount of stress being experienced by people.


These pretty little flowers are most special due to their star-shaped petals that grow in shades of pink, white, indigo, violet, blue, and red. You may plant them in shady areas of your garden. They start blooming during mid-spring and bloom till fall.


You can bring in the ruffled blooms of chrysanthemums to your house or send them to your loved ones. They bloom across a handful of different varieties of colours such as orange, red, green, blue, white and pink


Their rich, vibrant hue is upbeat as it is, but the benign scent of the geranium flowers which is pretty much similar to that of the roses has been known to give a plug to peace of mind.


The light purple-shade lavender is popular for its use in aromatherapy. Lavender is preferred by people who believe in its ability to ease feelings of anxiety.

Red roses

Red roses have been the sole messengers of romance for ages. Receiving a rose flower delivery will surely make the recipient feel special. Thus, ensuring them of your love towards them.

So go ahead and book your flowers right now!


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