3 Features That Make Your Home More Attractive to Buyers

If you are considering selling your home soon, you should be aware that presenting it in its best possible light is one of the key ways that you can sell quickly and for the price you want. Potential buyers will think twice about purchasing a property that shows noticeable signs of disrepair or damage. In the buyer’s mind, a home with visible faults and problems is likely to have many other issues that are not apparent. Today’s buyers also want to invest in energy-efficient homes in our age of climate change and rising fuel bills. In this article three of the key ways that you can ensure your home is in a perfect state to sell will be discussed.

A Modern Boiler

Potential buyers understand an efficient modern boiler will save them significant amounts of money on their annual energy bills and as a result, it is one of the key questions that they ask the owner when being shown around the property. If your home has a boiler that is over 20 years old, it is likely to only be around 60% efficient, compared with today’s boilers that tend to be over 90% efficient. As a result, it makes sense to search for boiler installation near me if you have an out-of-date boiler. Even if you do not plan to sell your home in the short term, you will be saving money monthly from your energy costs and will be doing your bit to help protect the environment. The younger generation of first-time buyers tend to be well read on environmental issues, and a modern boiler will represent a significant plus point for your home in their eyes.

Landscape Your Garden

There is a well-known phrase amongst estate agents called “curb appeal.” Put simply, this is a name given to the first impressions that a potential buyer has when looking at the outside of your property. The exterior features of your home and the condition of your outdoor areas make a quick but lasting impression in the minds of buyers. As a result, ensuring that your garden spaces are beautifully landscaped can make a powerful positive impact and can colour the opinion of viewers of your property. Landscaping your garden does not have to be an expensive process. With some perennial plants arranged in eye-catching garden features, you can create a picturesque outdoor area with a minimum of fuss. Ensure also that your lawns are well kept and use high-quality lawn feed to promote lush green grass that is free of weeds and pleasant on the eye.

Modern Colour Schemes

Once you are certain that the exterior of your home looks attractive, it is time to have a thorough look around the rooms in your house. Rooms that have paintwork or wallpaper that is showing signs of wear and tear or are out of date when compared to today’s trends can really put buyers off. For a minimal outlay it makes perfect sense to breathe new life into rooms that are looking out of date with a fresh coat of paint or new wallpaper designs. Neutral colours are great for giving any home a contemporary look. White remains a timeless choice and can give the impression of space, especially in smaller rooms.


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