3 Steps to Grow Your Business With Cold Email

A cold email is a type of email marketing that was sent without prior authorization from or in contact with a recipient. In many aspects, the cold email is the same as cold sales calls; it is just much less invasive.

Your cold email should be either to set up a meeting or call with a potential client or get a recommendation for a person. There shouldn’t be anything else. Each letter should clearly highlight the question or call to action. In this article, you can find three steps to grow your business or brand with cold email.

Build Your Email List 

It’s not important what kind of business you operate; you must have an email list. Email lists are an essential part of each business strategy. With this, you can keep your customers, increase your business and finally grow your sales. And when you send cold emails, the email list is most relevant too. You can build your email list with a number of methods like a 

  • Manual prospecting
  • Email signature
  • Collect business cards

Write a Great Email

Writing in a solid cold email is a great skill. In a cold email, you should write your name, contact information, your social media accounts, and the final part that starts a potential communication. This complete information can help you have a chance of feedback from your contact. Remember that you must keep your cold emails brief, concise, actionable, and understandable. In addition, you will need to make it accessible and transparent.

Create Cold Email Strategy

You need to know that a cold email is not a spam email. Cold email marketing is basically a softer form of a cold call. Since you create your cold email strategy, you need to know some cold email statistics;

  • Segmented emailing results in higher open rates of between 14% and 23%.
  • 35% of consumers open an email based on the content of the subject line.
  • 55% of customers like emails with helpful content.

And remember that a successful cold email strategy starts with understanding why you are sending cold emails? What do you want? Brand awareness? More sales? Generate leads? And other questions about your business basics or your brand.


If you’re sending a cold email, do you want to find the fastest way to reach a decision-maker in an organization without a prior relationship?

The salesperson should ask himself the following questions:

  • Who receives your email?
  • Who is your ideal client?
  • How to find the perfect client?

The more specific you are, the more likely you will be successful with email. It is easier to write a letter in English than in French. As you know, in French, as in Spanish, there is more specificity when we write to a stranger. However, you can still write a broad message to touch anyone, including the name of the company and a positive message.

Writing effective cold emails requires you to first focus on a specific industry and then move on to the next vertical.


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