3D Modeling in Apartment Planning

The development of various technologies has improved the quality of life. Despite the fact that 3D has become a common thing today, a few people actually know the specs and possibilities of the technology. The three-dimensional design allows you to create your own cozy interior of the apartment long before the start of repair work. Dedicated programs that allow you to plan the design of various premises can save you a lot of money and time.

The redevelopment of apartments or offices has moved to the next level. With several clicks of a mouse, you can easily select new places for an old sofa, find a matching color palette, and rearrange a furniture set. Besides that, it is fairly easy to evaluate the changed interior or make operational changes with no extra costs.

Online programs provide all the necessary information in a short time. The implementation of the 3D model of an apartment is carried out by entering the existing data on the size of the pieces of furniture, the layout of the room, etc. The program will independently arrange virtual prototypes, show the real distance between objects and help determine the texture, which is especially beneficial for the development of a room and floor plan.

Why You Need Interior Modeling

The main task solved by 3D modeling of an apartment is to collect information about how a non-existent object should look like. The widespread use of modern technology is associated with the desire of people to imagine in detail what needs to be done, how the project should look, to compile a complete list of the necessary parameters and characteristics. And this is what a 3D model can do for you.

Three-dimensional interior visualization technology provides a number of advantages:

  • Saving money and time;
  • Informative and high accuracy content;
  • Simplified data perception.

With a 3D project, the human brain perceives the finished image better than a pile of incomprehensible drawings. Having a realistic idea of ​​the future design of the room, it becomes easier to make adjustments, analyze the overall image of the room, select the necessary materials for arranging the living space. The 3D modeling software used during the design allows you to change the color, transparency, brightness of the lighting.

Based on the specs and features of 3D solutions, this technology will be useful for those who are planning repairs, designers or architects, building companies for the following reasons:

  • It allows for getting free interior design projects online;
  • You can create a design that meets your needs and expectations;
  • It is possible to do a preliminary assessment of the upcoming repair;
  • You can develop hand-made textures;
  • It is possible to do accurate projections of walls with the location of windows or doors.

Apartment modeling technology is a novelty that can significantly improve the quality of the repair and make this process easier.

Step-by-Step Description of the Design Implementation

The project visualization stage is an important part of the modern design process. A visual demonstration of design solutions to the customer can reveal how much the expectation and reality coincide. Visualization of the interior in three-dimensional format allows you to get a highly realistic photographic image using computer software.

The process of 3D design modeling consists of several stages:

  • Creating a technical task of the project – The information obtained through the identification of needs should contain data on the format of supply, dimensional grid, estimated proportions of the desired interior. Using drawings, photographs, images from magazines, sketches will speed up the process of online design development;
  • 3D modeling – The 3D model using visualization is done based on the exact geometric dimensions of a single element are reflects the look and feel of future premises;
  • Selection of color solutions – At this stage, the color palette, roughness level, reflectivity are decided on;
  • Rendering creation – Real interior effects are selected for a qualitative assessment of the target design.

Design development in 3D format is necessary to understand the general mood of the room after the completed renovation, arranged furniture, installation of lighting fixtures, arrangement of interior details, etc. Compliance with the actual size, proportions of rooms and additional objects are guaranteed. 3D modeling allows you to develop several design options at the same time, which contributes to making the right decision. The choice made will help save on the purchase of other materials in the event of an undesirable result.


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