4 Tips When Throwing a Surprise Party at Home

Maybe your son or daughter is just about to graduate from college or university, your beloved mom or dad are approaching their milestone birthday, or else you just fancy having a get-together of your friends and family, Whatever the reason to throw a surprise party at home, there are lots of things to think about.

So, with that being said, here are five top tips when throwing a surprise party at home, no matter what the occasion or time of year.

1.   Social Media Is King

Undeniably, there is a myriad of negative attributes of social media, especially as a private user, but when it comes to organising a surprise party, you can use your Facebook messenger application to your advantage.

Create a private group and be incredibly careful that you only add people into the group who you are inviting to the party, and what is more, make sure that in the title of the page, you make it clear that this party is a surprise.

2.   Cocktails Are #1

When it comes to deciding on the food and drink for your party, as you are holding the event at your own home, you need not worry about ordering food or else hiring caterers and can, instead, gather everything you need foodwise as and when you can.

Regarding drinks, cocktails are the best choice for everyone, as there is always at least one spirit that people love, from gin cocktail recipes to vodka and rum ones, and what is more, there are some fabulous non-alcoholic cocktails you can make too.

3.   Delegation

Delegation is important in a professional and a personal context when you are arranging something involving many different people, but when you are planning a surprise party, it is advisable to ask for some help.

If the party is for a friend, then task a mutual friend with, for example, arranging the decor, buying the present, or just being there for you to help out with anything that you need. If someone does go above and beyond, then you could always get them a bottle of something once the successful party of the year has been and gone.

4.   The Surprise Itself

Now, it has to be said, that if you get to the day of the actual surprise party itself and it is still just that – a surprise – then you are first to be commended, as it is incredibly hard to keep secrets such as this for long.

Fortunately, as you are holding the party at your home, it becomes easier to masquerade an invite to your loved ones’ party as a simple cup of coffee in the evening or after the school run and before they settle down for the night. For the best results, you should involve another mutual friend in the plans too, so that they can collect the guest of honour and bring them to your home, sending you a discreet text to let them know when they are en route.


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