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5 Awesome Things About Living in Virginia

Arlington Virginia is a popular choice for commuters from Washington, D.C. It also has a well-known historic culture. It’s also very affordable as compared to our nation’s capital. Arlington real estate is in high demand. Arlington offers a number of distinct advantages that make it a desirable area to live. The cosmopolitan mindsets concentrated in Washington, D.C. benefit Arlington. When relocating to Arlington, VA, this is a perk worth considering. You can also try finding roommates in Arlington or Fairfax, if you are new to the area.

Great places to visit may be found all across town, some of which are within walking distance. You don’t need to drive everywhere, just as in a big metropolis. There are also dozens of bike rental outlets across the city. Keep reading to find awesome things about living in Virginia.

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  1. Job Market

Despite the fact that the government and government contractors are among Virginia’s largest employers, the state has a lot to offer anyone looking for work outside of these sectors. Virginia’s unemployment rate is regularly lower than the national average. Many private-sector opportunities are available in Virginia, which is home to 21 Fortune 500 businesses. 

  1. Southern Hospitality

When you relocate to Virginia, you’ll be in for a treat if you’ve never lived in a southern state. People are extremely courteous and still address their elders as sir or ma’am. If you’re moving to Virginia from the north or a less welcoming section of the country, you can face some culture shock. Don’t worry; Virginia’s southern hospitality will most likely grow on you.

  1. Four Seasons

If you choose to call Virginia home, you’ll be able to experience all four seasons, from hot, balmy summers to magnificent fall hues, winter frost, and pleasant springs. Virginia’s winters are milder than those of its northern neighbors. Although summers in Virginia can be hot and humid, they pale in comparison to those in the deep south and southwest. In Virginia, the fall is perhaps the best season. As you travel around the roadways, you’ll notice the state is covered in fall foliage. For a unique treat, visit Shenandoah National Park to take in all of Virginia’s fall splendor. 

  1. Scenery

Virginia is home to a diverse range of natural wonders. Yes, Virginia boasts thousands of miles of coastline, but the ocean isn’t the sole source of water in the state. Four significant rivers go through the state and into the Chesapeake Bay. Not to add that Virginia is home to the Blue Ridge Mountains, which stretch for over 217 miles. In this beautiful state, the fall colors are fantastic. Simply visit Shenandoah National Park during the season’s peak weekend to enjoy the whole experience. In addition to Virginia’s thousands of miles of coastline, there are four important rivers that run into the Chesapeake Bay. If mountains are more your style, the state’s rolling green Blue Ridge Mountains offer 217 miles of exploration. 

  1. Politically Moderate

Virginia is neither red nor blue, unlike some of the other states in the US where you could live. In the presidential elections that take place every four years, it is consistently a swing state. Both major-party campaigns are focusing their efforts on these states.

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