5 Benefits to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney for a Slip and Fall Case 

A slip and fall case causes severe injuries, such as a laceration or broken bone. Even though the initial effects are subtle, they can lead to long-term issues. If your slip and fall accident has long-term critical consequences, you should consider hiring a Lake Oswego personal injury lawyer to know more. Want to know why? 

Here are the benefits of hiring a personal injury attorney for your slip and fall case:

1. Investigate the Cause of the Accident

An attorney can always identify the root cause of the accident. Numerous hazards may occur in residential and commercial properties, such as rises/dips in the flooring, torn carpet, damaged curbs, potholes, and holes/cracks in the floors. They can investigate to find what caused the slip and fall accident.  Visit their official website today and unlock a universe of possibilities!

2. Set a Liability 

A lawyer can solve complicated liability issues. Many slip and fall accidents occur when a property owner/occupant fails to maintain premises, monitor premises, and warn visitors of possible dangers. They plan what a reasonable person will do under the law without the help of a skilled lawyer. 

3. Calculate the Damages

Slip and fall accident victims can be entitled to huge compensation for damages and injuries. A personal injury attorney calculates current and future costs. They assess the cost of non-economic damages and collect the required evidence. 

4. Negotiate With the Insurance Companies on Your Behalf

Insurance covers slip and fall accidents. You require a settlement amount, which covers losses as the insurance carriers want to pay you the least. Defendants and insurers are more likely to seriously claim your business when an experienced attorney represents your interests. Hiring a skilled lawyer will help you to get into a lucrative settlement. 

5. Take Your Case to Court if Required 

Many slip-and-fall accident claims may get settled outside court. An attorney files a legal suit and presents your case at the court if required if a fair settlement can’t be reached. You can get into a settlement when a lawsuit is filed. But, you shouldn’t take a chance of going to court with no legal representation. A lawyer will collect all the evidence, consult witnesses, and prepare the trial case. Your attorney will work hard to level up your award. 

The Bottomline

Hiring a personal injury attorney can be a smart decision because of the benefits above. They can do the required things to make you win your case. 

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