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5 Clever Storage Tricks For Small Bedrooms

Designing and arranging a small room can be tricky. You have to get creative since you’ll be working with a much smaller space than the standard room. Storing items the right way can make the room look larger and also add more space. If you have limited space, then the best solution would be to figure out a way to make sure every available space is utilized correctly. 

There are many ways to decorate a small bedroom. You have many ideas to choose from. The important thing is to select the one within your budget that wouldn’t end up making your pace cramped. These are some examples. 

1. Use Layered Shelving

When it comes to small bedroom storage ideas, layered shelving is always recommended. This is because it clears up the floor and utilizes more wall space. Layered shelving is always a good choice of storage for small bedrooms. Many people opt to use this kind of storage for their bedrooms because it is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. 

It gives you easy access to all the items you need conveniently and makes room for other essential things you want to place on the floor. 

You could install it on a wall or create a long-row design. You can use these kinds of shelves to store your shoes, books, accessories, and other light-friendly items. If it is placed above your study desk, you can use it for essential things like clips, tacks, tapes, pens, papers, and anything else you’d like to keep organized.

2. Make use of Hanger Racks

A storage favorite among homeowners with smaller living areas is the hanger rack, which you can use to store anything from towels to sloths. The reason these racks have been so popular is that they are space-saving and very functional as well. The only drawback to the hangers in this storage for small bedrooms is that they take up a bit of extra space if you want a bigger size. The smaller size can fit in your bathroom and can hold towels and rags. 

This simple metal rack comes with adjustable rods and for maximum clothing storage in a small bedroom. This rod is flexible, so you can raise or lower the frame to accommodate taller cloth or house longer or shorter shirts or pants. The rack has multiple tiers so you can stack and sort clothes at different heights. 

3. Wall-Mounted Night Stand

To maximize the unused space next to your bedside, consider constructing a wall-mounted nightstand. A nightstand is an excellent addition to any bedroom as it offers convenient storage for a bedside lamp and additional desk space for paperwork or computer work. Using this space next to your bedside can provide space to store books, journals, picture frames, and other personal items that will not take up valuable space.

Many styles of wall-mounted nightstands include cabinets with pull-out drawers, shelves, and doors for storage for small things. Other types are designed with the needs of the average bedroom in mind; these come with open shelving units that you can lock with keys. 

Once you have decided what type of storage nightstand and dresser you will need, look for a solid, sturdy wood plank. If you are going with a wood nightstand and dresser, you should also consider installing a lamp by the side. This would ensure you don’t use up space on top of the stand.

4. Wall-Mounted Shoe Rack

A shoe rack is an excellent addition to a closet for small bedrooms. It’s a great place to keep your shoes out of harm’s way. If you have children’s toys, you can also use this type of rack to store them. 

Also, because these shelves are high off the ground, they don’t clutter your room, and you can see your shoes almost from any angle. There are plenty of varieties, including those with hooks. 

5. Laundry Hamper or Laundry Bags

A Laundry Hamper is a large mesh-like bin that can be used to store clothes or linen. There are many different types of laundry hampers available. Most people find that stocking their dirty clothes in a laundry hamper is very useful for getting their washing done easier. 

Laundry Hampers and bags are also famous for storage for small bedrooms, especially college students who often have to do laundry in a central area. For Laundry bags, you can easily hang them with a hook against the back of the door, otherwise saving space. 

In Conclusion

There are different creative ways you can come up with storage spaces. For example, you can add a drawer to the bottom of your bed. You can install floating cabinets to stash items you don’t use regularly. Use a ceiling fan instead of a standing one.  If you love to read books, instead of using a box or cupboard to store your books, you can replace them with a wall-mounted shelf. 

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