5 Fun Things to do to Improve English Communication Skills

No one can learn a language overnight; it requires regular practice. You need to practice a little bit every day, and you will become fluent over time. In today’s article, I mention 5 efficient and fun activities which regularly will be beneficial to improving your English Communication skills.

1. Listen to audiobooks

While listening to audiobooks, you will be all ears because you will have no other things to focus on. To understand the story and circumstances, you have to listen- to every word, how they are pronounced and how the tone changes. By doing that, you will naturally develop an idea of how the native speaks. I will suggest you choose an easy fictional book with lots of daily life conversations. In the beginning, you can even listen to a book which you have read before.

You can also listen to radio soap operas instead of audiobooks as per your preference or mood. But whichever you do, do that every day, at least 20 minutes.

2. Talk to natives via online games

You should try to talk to natives on a daily basis to improve your communication skills. But you may not find any native English speakers near your residence, or maybe you are too shy to talk to them. Don’t worry; there are plenty of solutions available for you. There are multiple online platforms that will allow you to talk to natives casually. You can play online multiplayer games, where you can talk to other players, which will be really fun. You would love to play games like- Armed Heist, Dead by Daylight, Friends or Enemy, Free Fire, or maybe Clash of Titans. Try to play these games with native English mates and keep talking to them as much as possible.

Also, there are some online platforms that provide native teachers to teach languages; you can take help from them too.

3. Play word games

Word games will help you to enrich your vocabulary. Keep playing games like- Wordle, Scrabble, Wordscapes, or Word wipe. While playing these, you will have to do brainstorming to find the right word. By doing such exercise regularly, your knowledge of words will eventually increase. This is an effective way to learn new words.

You can check positive words that begin with O to learn some new inspiring O words. There are many other websites like that available on the internet; checking them can also be one of your daily habits.

4. Write daily Journal

People write a daily journal to capture their memory. You should also start writing a daily journal on your personal diary or maybe on any social media platform for multiple purposes. If you write about the activities you have done throughout the day, you will have to use the words which are fully connected with your daily life. By writing a journal every day, you will be using those words frequently. You will get to know their synonyms of them as well. Also, almost all of us have a tendency to forget the ‘exact word’ while talking. But if you keep using those words every day in your writings, it will be very hard for you to forget them. So keeping a daily journal is definitely helpful in improving communication skills. This will help you to improve your writing skill too.

5. Chatting with native English speakers via social media

In this world of telecommunication, we all are active on social media. We spend lots of time here doing unnecessary chatting. But if you chat with native English speakers on social media, you will be able to learn their way of talking in daily life. Also, they won’t respond to you randomly; you have to know how to start a good conversation. If you use your brain to do that, your communication skill will develop in no time. Eventually, you will become friends with many of those native speakers. If you keep talking to them via texting, you will start talking like them. It will be a natural process.

So, that’s it. I think you would love to try all these activities out. Because all of them are fun, right? If you try these, you don’t have to put any extra pressure just to improve your English communication skills. You will just add some interesting and fun activities to your daily life, which are much more entertaining. In the meantime, skills will be developed!

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