5 Jeep Modes for Winter Weather

Winter driving is not a safe gambit for the inexperienced driver or for somebody driving a car that’s not equipped for the elements that come with it. Understanding the differences between driving in the winter and driving during other seasons is the first step to getting the most out of your vehicle and, perhaps more importantly, keeping you safe. The next step is to modify your Jeep to better prepare for the stormy situations that will inevitably arrive.

Upgrade Your Rims

You could benefit from upgrading your rims in the winter because steel rims contract less in colder temperatures. This helps to maintain the manufacturer’s specific tire pressure and is beneficial to both vehicle performance and long-term tire wear. Whether you’re looking for 8×6.5 rims or a different size, a VIN lookup can help you to determine the precise fit.

Install a Hard Top

When you’re looking at Jeep Wrangler parts and accessories as winter comes along, you may well consider installing a hard top. Installing a hard top to your Jeep’s rear quarters or for your truck’s bed is a way to not lose that space during the cold, stormy winter months. It also ensures that the bodies or gear that are residing in these spaces is safe from the elements.

Invest in Tires

All terrain tires are generally considered to be all-purpose tires that can perform well on uneven or rough terrain and on muddy or lightly snow-covered roads. Equipping your vehicle with off-road tires is an ideal solution to help you ride comfortably and safely when the snow is piling up because they offer good traction and handling in snowy and icy conditions.

The experts insist that winter tires provide superior traction, braking and cornering in all cold-weather driving conditions. All-wheel drive is a way to master driving during inclement weather but coupling it with a good set of winter tires is the most effective scenario, capable of providing you with the safest driving experience possible in the snow.

Grille Guard

A Jeep’s grille guard protects the front end from damage during all seasons and adds a handsome and capable element to the Jeep’s appearance. Winter is the season of losing control at speeds, which can result in dangerous crashes. Grille guards are an extra layer of protection against colliding with something during these dangerous inclement weather driving scenarios.


Getting your Jeep in for a tune-up with winter in mind is a responsible move. Besides identifying a potential part issue that was previously hidden, you can tighten the belts and fill the fluids and make sure that the engine is in good working order before it has to work that much harder, as it does in freezing temperatures.

Snow and ice affect everything, from stopping and starting to tire grip to overall control to visibility. Whether you’re dealing with sleet that’s measured in inches or snow that’s measured in feet, when winter weather hits, caution is the word of the day. If you have a healthy respect for winter and have taken steps to winterize your vehicle, from the wipers to the fluids to the tires, you should be okay. Visit an auto parts store today to pick up the parts and accessories that you need to better prepare your vehicle for this winter season.

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