5 Most Common Car Accidents

A common type of car accident involves two vehicles colliding head-on. These collisions can be the result of two drivers driving on the wrong side of the road, drunk driving, distracted driving, or brake failure. It’s important to take evasive measures, especially if you see a car coming straight at you. Injuries from head-on collisions can range from serious cuts and bruises to internal injuries, bleeding, or internal broken bones.

If you’re in a car accident, it’s important to call 911 to seek medical care. If you’re not injured, try to move your car out of the path of oncoming traffic while waiting for emergency services. A car accident can result in extensive damage, including fires. If you’re in pain, call 911 and request emergency medical assistance. Emergency medical services will assess the extent of injuries and recommend transport to a hospital. Then you should contact an Motor Vehicle Accidents Lawyer.

Rollover accidents are especially dangerous, as the force of being flipped over a moving vehicle can lead to devastating injuries. In addition to injuries, rollover accidents can result in fires in vehicles, which can cause additional injuries and even fatalities. A rollover accident can also cause a vehicle to flip over, ejecting the driver. Other common causes of rollover accidents include speeding, driving under the influence, and fatigued driving.

Driver error accounts for the majority of automobile accidents. Drivers’ failure to yield the right of way, following too closely, driving too fast, and ignoring traffic control devices can result in an accident. Distractions while driving can lead to accidents as well. Distracted drivers often use cell phones, read books, change the radio station, or engage in other activities while driving. These distractions can lead to a car flipping over and injuring someone.

Rear-end collisions are another common form of accident. Two vehicles collide behind each other. Unsafe driving behaviors such as tailgating or failing to repair a mechanical malfunction can cause a rear-end collision. Regardless of the type of vehicle, it is important to remember that a rear-end collision is rarely one-sided, as both vehicles may be at fault. Further, these accidents often result in severe injuries.

Side-impact accidents are common and are often the result of an inattentive driver. The front of one vehicle collides with another vehicle’s side, and if the collision happens at an intersection, it can result in severe injuries or even fatalities. Drivers must also remember to check their blind spots and drive cautiously during lane changes. This is another common type of accident that often takes the driver completely by surprise.

Although many people use rideshare services and taxis to travel, they are often involved in accidents that cause serious injuries and property damage. Different types of passenger accidents may be more severe or less serious. The law determines who is liable for an accident based on who hit who. It is difficult to sue a taxi or rideshare company for bodily injury caused by a negligent driver. The Dominguez Firm handles all aspects of car accident cases.


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