5 tips how to help your baby sleep better

One of the important parts of the healthy development of each kid is sleeping well. Parents need to ensure safety during this time and help a baby to develop good sleeping habits. This article will guide you through the useful tips to prepare a kid for bedtime. 

Schedule is important

It seems that if a child goes to bed a little later, it will just sleep longer tomorrow morning. This is what adults do, but that does not work for kids. A baby wakes up even earlier and is capricious for half a day because its nervous system has not yet matured and cannot cope with lack of sleep. It falls asleep during the daytime when you don’t expect it at all, and wakes up in the evening, so the next time a baby goes to bed is midnight. Predictability is incredibly important for an infant’s organism: waking up, falling asleep, feeding, walking, and everything is on schedule.

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Keep track of feeding

It often happens that babies are malnourished during the day. Usually, it happens from six to seven months when a period of rapid growth begins so kids require more food. If a baby doesn’t feed well during the day then it can wake up every hour at night to eat. That is why it is necessary to select the proper premium nutrient tense feeding for a child so it can be saturated as long as possible in order not to disturb sleep. If you are looking for feeding to supply a baby during the day you can focus your narrow attention on Organic’s Best where you can find fully organic quality snacks, porridge, and infant milk.

The other important thing is not to switch between formulas without valid reasons because it can cause issues with the digestive system thus leading to sleeping problems. If you are unsure which feeding to select, you can start with HiPP baby formula based on organic milk, lactose, vegetable oils, prebiotics, essential vitamins, and minerals, with omega-3  and 6 fatty acids.

Daytime sleep

A baby needs to have daytime sleep because if it isn’t enough a kid gets tired and becomes overexcited by the evening. Some parents mistakenly assume that keeping a kid awake during the day will improve nighttime sleep. However, as a result, due to the increased level of stress hormones in the blood, it is not only difficult to fall asleep, but the sleep is of poor quality, less deep, and superficial. It is easy to wake up from such a dream.

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Feeding leads to sleeping

Babies often fall asleep during feeding and many of them nod off even while feeding in chairs. This happens because food not only saturates but also affects the centers of pleasure and sleep, so it is much easier for a baby to fall asleep after a hearty lunch or dinner. When you notice a kid is snoozing, you should not immediately bring it to the bed, it is better to wait for the deep sleep phase (the eyeballs will stop moving under the eyelids, and breathing will become calm and deep). A good formula for saturation is HiPP German stage 1 from birth because it is very close to the content of breast milk without artificial sweeteners and with organic ingredients for better digestion so a night’s sleep won’t be bothered.

Joint sleep

A lot of babies can sleep only together with their parents. This is also convenient for mothers because there is no need to get out of bed if a kid wakes up. This method has its supporters and opponents, but in any case, if mom and dad choose to sleep together, they need to ensure the safety of a child. It is required not to put an infant on the edge of the bed and just to move a baby crib near the parent’s one.

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