7 Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Beloved One

By surprising our dear ones through gifts, we make sure to strengthen our relationship with them. And a birthday is such an occasion that is perfect for making a gifting move.

You might or might not be able to think a bit differently when it comes to gifts and so we thought about being the help.

We have arranged seven gift ideas that are decent and provide a surety of a smile on the recipient’s face.

Ceramic Birthday Mug

You can never fail to surprise the birthday person by presenting a ceramic coffee printed with a picture of him/her and some graphics related to a birthday occasion. But the main thing here is your creativity. While the nearest gift shop won’t provide you with many designs, you can create one by yourself using free photo editors. Take inspiration and ideas from the internet and create a birthday-special design that can make the gift of a ceramic mug a unique one.

Family Picture Frame

We are in a world where everyone owns a camera today, thanks to smartphones, but yet that culture of having a big family picture in the home is going out of fashion. It’s a tragedy and we need to get out of it. Well, do it for your family too before you make the gifting move. Pick a picture frame that has space equal to the number of the members in the family of that person whom you want to surprise on his/her birthday.


Do you want a gift that is extremely affordable and yet performs amazingly to surprise the receiver? Well, we have something of that sort for you! Surprise the birthday person with a gift of caricature. And to let the caricature stand out and relate to the receiver, match it with the recipient’s profession. If he/she is a doctor then the body of the caricature must be of a doctor. This gift option will bring smiles and laughs all together.

Personalised Birthday Perfume

If you want to be remembered for the uniqueness of your gift then this is the one for you. Gifting perfumes remained in fashion for just a bit of time. You can bring it back with your gifting move. But we won’t let you go along with a perfume that you purchase from the nearest shop at any time. We are talking about birthday gifts and this gift is about personalising the bottle full of perfume with the name of the recipient and the ‘Happy Birthday’ text. You need to visit an online gifting portal to buy this one.

Cake & Flowers Combo

Birthday parties and cakes can’t be separated and it’s a phenomenon now. If you haven’t found the best gift, even from the ideas shared above, this combo of cake and flowers is the idea to pick without a second thought. Choose a special and designer birthday cake from the best bakery you know and arrange it together with a bunch of fresh blooms. You can make the birthday person smile wide as you send the combo to him/her via the service of cake and flower delivery in Gurgaon or wherever the person lives.

Traditional Print Sunglasses Case

Summer is roaring at its peak and that’s the time when sunglasses become more of a need than the style statement. Your gifting gesture can be a mix of care and style for the birthday person. You can try to surprise the person by presenting a sunglasses case with a traditional Indian print. If you don’t find such designer sunglasses in the shops then try buying them online.

Laptop Table

Whether it’s study or job or personal work, a laptop is such a need, and it became part of life after the pandemic. So, whether the person you want to surprise is a student or works in a company or owns a business, they are working from home, and thus gifting a laptop table as a birthday gift makes sense. It could be a proper table for WFH setup or a small laptop table to be used on the bed.


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