7 Tips to stop theft from vans

One issue that many people living in the United Kingdom might confront is their van getting broken into. Your vehicle can easily get stolen or broken into if parked outside a convenience store, petrol station, home, or whatever. This article shares tips for dealing with this issue and how you can avoid it altogether.

These tips will keep your tools safe and your livelihood intact.

1) Don’t advertise what’s in your van

If you have a side business or job that requires you to carry around tools, then always try to keep the contents of your van a secret. Although this is common sense, you would be surprised at how many people do this and still end up getting their vans broken into.

2) Use locks

Just like securing your van when parked, ensure every door, window, and compartment is locked. This will help secure all valuable items within your van and keep them from being stolen. You can go as far as to have specialist locks fitted to your van; visit to see an up-to-date range of locks.

3) Don’t leave your tools inside your van if you’re parked in an unfamiliar area

Never leave your tools in plain sight if you’re not completely familiar with where you’re parked. Thieves can easily break open your van by using a hammer or crowbar.

4) Secure it when parked

When parking inside a store, restaurant, or petrol station, try to see if the establishment has assigned spots for vans and trucks. If they do, then park in one of those spots. If not, then secure it using chains and padlocks so no one can get in.

5) Invest in a tracking system

If you’re not out on the road every day and have time to spare, then consider installing a GPS tracking system inside your van. This will allow you to keep tabs on it even if you are not around. In addition, some systems can send out alerts when the vehicle goes beyond a certain range or you can use them to track the vehicle down if stolen.

6) Don’t park your van outside a pub or bar

This is common sense, but you would be surprised at how many people do this and still end up getting their vans broken into. The reason why thieves target pubs and bars is that they are a popular hangout for people on the go. This means that a lot of people leave their vehicles outside the pub or bar to use the restroom or grab a quick drink.

This means that there is a high chance that your vehicle could be broken into.

7) Put cash out of sight

It’s okay to keep cash in your van, but make sure that you don’t leave it in plain view. Money may tempt an opportunistic thief to break into your van if it is visible.

Anytime you leave a vehicle unsecured, it can lead to you getting in trouble with the law. Therefore, always use security cameras around your home or employer’s business or workplace so that if someone decides to break into your van, they will be caught on film.

Theft from vans can occur at any time of the day, but it’s best to take precautions when parking your vehicle in public spaces. Remember that thieves are opportunistic and will go for the most vulnerable targets. Don’t become a victim of this crime, as you’re easy pickings for someone without any morals or scruples.


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