7 Ways to Try Things Before Buying Them

Try before you buy is a new eCommerce sales strategy providing customers with an opportunity to test products before they decide to buy them. Product testing aims to create a positive impression on you to purchase the product. Also, it helps you get immediate customer care feedback about products, which is essential in creating a loyal customer base. This guide will lighten you up on the top seven ways to try things before buying them.

1. Use Augmented Reality (AR) And Virtual Reality (VR)

The technological revolution has made shopping simple and effective. Today companies can use AR and VR technology to create a virtual overlay image close to the actual image. The virtual images give you a personalized view of how the item will look in the ideal situation. This technology can also help you choose the right footwear color so as to avoid color-crushing.

Away from clothing and accessories, AR is an effective tool for interior design. When you follow the necessary steps, you can view and visualize how the design will look in your house. AR and VR technology saves you time and gives you the best online shopping experience.

2. Virtual Shopping And Clienteling

Virtual shopping and clienteling give you an array of options without purchasing the product first. Besides, it customizes products which even makes your shopping seamless and practical. Use online communication channels to reach out to retailers and seek clarification of your desired products.

Virtual shopping provides a complete omnichannel shopping experience. The technique is also a reliable, efficient, and effective way to try things before buying them. Unlike other traditional shopping methods, virtual clienteling allows you to start a video conversation with shop attendants who may advise on the best item for you. Technically, this kind of shopping mirrors real in-store shopping, making it more interactive and effective.

3. Ship And Return

Unlike the online virtual platforms, the ship and return method gives you a chance to physically and personally interact with the item before you buy it. Besides saving you the hassle of walking in-store for the shopping experience, this strategy offers you the same in-store shopping experience at your comfort. Ship and return are essentially effective since the product is accompanied by a return shipping label that captures shipping fees (In case there are any) and a pre-addressed postage label.

Return shipping labels promote customer satisfaction since it is convenient, reliable, and efficient. Always check out the shipping fees -some companies offer free shipping and return services. Also, a bid by the company’s return shipping policies. Some companies can only accept returns within a given period.

4. Showrooming And Appointment Shopping

Showrooming and appointment shopping are omnichannel retail sale strategies that give customers an extensive personalized in-store shopping experience. Additionally, this mode of shopping provides a variety of items to choose from and to try before buying them.

Appointment shopping is primarily done via online platforms provided by shopping outlets. Alternatively, you can call the retailer to book your appointment. The advantage of this shopping is the convenience since you can schedule an appointment during your free time.

Depending on where you want to try things before buying, some retailers offer two types of appointments, namely:

  • Solo appointments- these involve random trooping of customers to the retail shop. This kind of appointment shopping is generally unstructured but carried during low customer turnout. You meet other shoppers as you enjoy one-on-one interaction with retail employees.
  • Itinerary appointments- unlike solo appointments, this shopping appointment is based on customer-specific interest. Itinerary appointments are well organized according to the needs and wants of consumers. Whenever you book an appointment, you can interact with the specific products that meet your interests.

5. Online Product Survey


Through online surveys product testing, you can practice “trying before buying” shopping strategy and gauge your level of satisfaction with the item. Today, many companies conduct online product surveys to get raw feedback about the products. With the surveys, you can experience delightful individualized interactions with the items. Product surveys build strong confidence in you about the product.

6. Events And Exhibitions

An exhibition offers the opportunity to try items without necessarily purchasing them. Events and product exhibitions are tools used in marketing and improving sales. Exhibitions can be in the form of online events, physical or even both. Therefore, depending on your preference, you can visit the event and carry out an individualized product survey.

7. Through the Use Of Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram offer a great product preview and verification opportunity before any attempt of trying to buy them. Social media platforms may show you how best clothing is worn. This enlightens you more about the product which helps in making thoughtful decisions before purchasing products. You can also use such platforms to ask questions and get prompt feeds which is a more convenient way of shopping.

Generally, trying things before buying them saves the loss and disappointments of purchasing a wrong or unfit product. Adopting the latest use of AR and VR has made product testing easy and satisfying. Always check with the retail outlet on how to try something before buying them. Lastly, follow the company’s guidelines and return policies.


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