8 Important Reasons Why Email Marketing is Important For Businesses In 2021

For businesses to flourish, communication is the key.

With business becoming more customer-centric and excessively focused on bringing and sustaining more audience, the need to stay connected has magnified. As a result, entrepreneurs and marketers are constantly searching for more and more ways to communicate and connect with their customers. 

Moreover, as channels like social media marketing, SEO and content-based marketing, and influencer marketing ruling the digital industries, people often wonder, is email marketing still important?

The answer is the three-letter word, YES.

Whether you are an app or website development company in the USA and ponder this question, this article would tell you eight important reasons why email marketing is important for your business.

But before that, let’s have a look at what email marketing is.

What is Email Marketing?

Whenever a company outreaches its clients via an email other than order confirmations or responses, the communication is known as email marketing.

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Email marketing is hands-down one of the major chunks of internet marketing that has been one of the successful and highest ROI for marketers. Investing $1 on email marketing generates a whopping $38 in ROI, which can be a major revenue generation means for businesses.  

Email marketing has significantly left behind several online marketing strategies like blogs, SEO, websites, and more. Newsletter, ebooks, subscription articles, sales promotion, etc., all go into email marketing. 

To say that email marketing enables businesses to keep their customers and prospects updated about their activities and business performances won’t be wrong. 

Now, let’s move towards what are the important reasons businesses should opt for email marketing to extend their user base and customer relations.

Reasons Why Businesses Need Email Marketing To expand Their Horizons

  • Your Audience Loves Emails

Research indicates that approximately 72% of the prospective and interested clients prefer promotional messages over emails over any other communication means. 

Firstly because, as compared to other marketing means such as social media, not every business can effectively use the medium to enhance connectivity. Also, it may not be as effective in generating sales. 

However, email marketing is accessible and preferred by audiences over a large spectrum. Moreover, it provides a professional means to connect and conversate with audiences in an easy manner. 

Secondly, emails come along with permission-based connectivity. If you recall opening any websites that provide services asks you to signup for their newsletter for all the related news and blogs. So when your customers agree to connect with you, it means they are interested in the services you tend to provide. 

  • Secure Connectivity With Your Audience

Emails enable businesses to stay connected to audiences at every point in time. Since emails are secured in your inbox and are always accessible, customers can check them at their convenience. Also, reread and connect if they find it relative. 

This majorly gives them a feeling that you, as a business, value your clients and prioritize their presence and connectivity to your business. A vast majority of customers often prefer connecting over emails as a more authenticated and genuine mode of conversation. 

Moreover, since emails allow businesses to send customized messages with the customers’ names and special messages, it enhances user engagement and personalized experience in an effective manner. 

  • User Engagement in Real-Time

Email marketing has greater conversion and engagement rates in real-time than any other strategic marketing campaign. 

Research by Litmus clearly states that nearly 54% of business and marketing-related emails are viewed and read on mobile apps. Major credit for this also goes out to the extensively growing use of mobile apps by consumers and businesses. 

On the other hand, it is one of the most credible sources of communication between clients and companies. 

There is no doubt emails have been an integrated part of our businesses now, whether replying, forwarding, redirecting through emails, buying, or subscribing, etc., all include emails everywhere. This is the reason more than 25% of the total sales are attributed to email marketing. 

  • It Allows Convenient and Personalized Messaging 

With access to emails being available through mobile apps and smartphones, it has become more convenient and preferable to market businesses via email. 

Promoting businesses and services over emails has enhanced the user experience specifically because they can access and engage with emails very conveniently. Also, whether it is about reading news or redeeming sales codes, everything is in the hands of users. 

On the flip side, since every major and minor business is opting for email-based user engagement, messages that are personalized tend to do well among audiences. This is one of the major aspects that makes it big for customer-centric businesses. 

This primarily goes beyond referring your customer to their names; it is about analyzing your users’ personalized data, evaluating preferred content, and segmenting messages accordingly.

  • Email Marketing is Instant

If you have been consuming products and services over emails, you would agree that they are a reliable and robust source of getting information about the latest deals and exclusive offers. 

This allows users to stay up-to-date and better utilize the provided services. Henceforth, strengthening your user base and bringing in more revenue streams. 

Moreover, since you can send customized messages in a cluster to your prospects, they can help you to get the word out instantly with just a click. Also, it does not take long to create email and design emails, as compared to social media posts and campaigns. 

So, it is safe to say that email marketing allows catering to a greater audience in a shorter period of time with minimum efforts required, as compared to other marketing strategies. 

  • Cost-Effective and Economical 

As I mentioned earlier, email marketing allows businesses and entrepreneurs to connect with their prospects with minimum effort and budget required. Also, since it yields greater results in creating a stronger user-base and expanding business horizons, it is always easy and economical to opt for email marketing.

On the other hand, to list some of the widely sued marketing tactics such as ads, videos, influencer marketing, social media, etc., all require heavy budgets, efforts, and time by businesses to be aligned with primary objectives and attract a greater number of audience

Research by and Forrester Research highlights that more than 85% of retail businesses in the USA prefer email marketing as one of the most effective customer acquisition mediums. Therefore, making it a very cost-effective marketing approach. 

  • Email Marketing is Action-Oriented

Think about this, what do you when you receive an email that is selling some services that might interest you?

You interact with it. However, this interaction may vary as per user choice, such as either by replying, clicking through, forwarding, or directly signing up and buying. This makes emails and email marketing highly result-oriented and transactional. 

Subsequently, several businesses use email marketing for conversion or redirecting customers to websites and increase user engagement, driving in more traffic and generating sales. While others may use it for a different purpose, emails always generate results.  

A study by Experian highlights that businesses that use emails for transactional and redirecting purposes tend to earn approximately 85% more revenue than others. 

  • It Is Easy to Measure Email Credibility and Performance

There’s a no-brainer here. The internet now consists of several tools, software, and plugins for tracking emails that show which links were clicked and viewed, how many people transacted through emails, and how many subscribed/unsubscribed. 

So, saying that analyzing email performance is easy and measurable would be right on every level. 

This makes email marketing more preferable since it allows businesses to track how well it did among the customers and how much business it brought in. 

Also, while you analyze your overall internet marketing performance and results, prioritizing email marketing metrics can help you gain better insights into user interests and attractions. These matrices are usually available and accessible along with the email marketing tools such as Mailchimp. 

Final Thoughts 

In this era of technology, a prime business sustainability and performance strategy is to stay connected and interact with your customers. This not only helps in strengthening your user base but rather also helps you expand your business by incorporating relevant customer-centric approaches. 

In doing so, several strategies can be opted by businesses, which may be included as marketing strategies. However, one of the commonly preferred ones can email marketing that comes along with massive benefits.

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Email marketing, as one of the traditional yet highly result-oriented marketing strategies, has been doing well for businesses, whether small, medium, or enterprise level. As an entrepreneur, it is essential to use email marketing for your business since it may expand your business horizons massively in several ways mentioned above. 

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