A Beginner’s Guide to Cufflinks

Cufflinks are available in a multitude of materials, designs, and styles, meaning it can be difficult to gauge the wearing of them. These days, cufflinks needn’t be exclusive to black-tie events, and you can wear them almost anywhere and everywhere. Ultimately, you can decide when to wear cufflinks, and might even get your hands on some casual and dressy cufflinks alike. Despite this, you may still be wondering how you can incorporate cufflinks into your wardrobe and you’re not alone. Listed below are some of the most common questions that men across the globe are asking about cufflinks.

What Type of Shirt Requires Cufflinks?

First and foremost, a shirt with French cuffs is usually the one that requires the use of cufflinks. Typically speaking, a shirt with French cuffs gets worn at semi-formal events or weddings, whereby a tuxedo is usually worn. You can identify a shirt with French cuffs via the extra length in the cuff, which is designed to be folded back and secured with cufflinks. These days, most shirt cuffs are secured using buttons so, if you want to give cufflinks a try, you need to ensure that you have the appropriate shirt to do so.

Is a Tie a Necessity?

Traditionally, a tie would always be worn with a shirt; however, this isn’t necessarily the case in modern fashion spheres. The rules when it comes to fashion are disappearing, meaning you’re much freer when it comes to putting an ensemble together. In fact, a shirt and coat without a tie has recently become quite a trend, as it shows that you’re well put together without trying too hard. For many events, it can be difficult to gauge just how formal you need to be dressing, and a shirt without a tie is a great way to tread the balance between formal and casual.

Can Cufflinks be Paired with Jeans?

As with tieless combinations, jeans with cufflinks aren’t the traditional way forward, but there’s no saying that you can’t make it work. In fact, jeans can look really stylish when paired with a shirt and cufflinks; however, they need to be the right jeans. For instance, dark, slim-fit jeans look great with a shirt and cufflinks. On the other hand, light-colored, baggy, ripped jeans won’t enable you to pull of a shirt with cufflinks.

Do Cufflinks Need to Match Your Shirt?

Not necessarily, in fact, sometimes a bit of contrast can be just what you need to tie the whole ensemble together. Similarly, you might wish to invest in a pair of cufflinks that are versatile enough to go with any style combination. Not only will this save your wallet, but it will also reduce the amount of time you spend making a decision between your collection of cufflinks. Neutral colored shirts are the easiest to pair cufflinks with and, if in doubt, wear the same color cufflinks as your shirt, just in a different shade. This is otherwise known as the monochromatic rule.

Which Cufflinks are Appropriate?

Different events will see different cufflinks being appropriate. For instance, you’re not likely to wear the same pair of cufflinks for a business meeting as you would a black-tie or formal event. Regardless of where you wear your cufflinks, they’re sure to display to others that you take pride in your appearance, which shows that you’re not a force to be reckoned with, either in a professional or personal capacity. You need to decide whether you want to look polished or make a fashion statement, and this will enable you to select the most appropriate pair of cufflinks.


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