A Brief Talk of iPonatic Portable Molecule Workstation

In recent years, there has been great advancement in diagnosis, which helped us make this world a safer place to live. Molecular diagnosis is the most developed technical field of diagnosis, among other subdivisions of IVD. Whereas this era is focused on developing molecular POCT accompanied by the characteristics of real-time tests. 

Introduction of Point-of-Care Technology

To achieve convenient sampling and timely detection, medical practitioners have combined the point-of-care technology with a molecular diagnosis, allowing gene detection to achieve the characteristics of real-time detection. 

Having complete access to rapidly infectious and sensitive diseases, rapid diagnosis is crucial to effective treat and control infection before causing chaos, thus proving essential to reducing turnaround time. This advancement has allowed us to manage costs, patient impact, turnaround time, and implement detection in clinics and laboratories. 

Benefits of iPonatic Portable Molecule Workstation

iPonatic Portable Molecule Workstation surpasses traditional diagnostics and brings effective, accurate, and precise diagnosis from molecular laboratories into many application scenes other than clinical microbiology laboratories, such as customs and airports. It ought to provide timely, accurate, and quick diagnoses for clinical emergencies, military safety, and health management. 

The iPonatic Portable Molecule Workstation based on the one-tube sample release technology and real-time PCR technique has dramatically improved the field of point-of-care testing (POCT). 

 Principal and Core Technologies Behind iPonatic Portable Molecule Workstation

iPonatic is a molecular POCT platform that integrates nucleic acid extraction, PCR amplification, and fluorescence analysis into a high-precision single process that can detect pathogens in just 45 minutes. The core technology behind Sansure iPonatic molecular POCT platform includes: 

  1. Integrates nucleic acid lysis, PCR amplification, data analysis, and result printing into one high-precision single process.
  2. Rapid nucleic acid lysis at room temperature within 1 minute.
  3. Ultra-fast amplification system in 8-45 minutes.
  4. Results are immediately printed by the built-in printer.
  • Patented One-Tube Fast Release Technology

The special of Sansure one-tube fast release technology is that it can achieve rapid nucleic acid lysis at room temperature within 1 minute. It is extraction free, and no heating or centrifuging is involved, making it easier to operate than the existing methods. 

  • Ultra-Fast Amplification System

The ultra-fast amplification system integrates amplification, detection, and quantification of the target DNA and/or RNA, if required. 

Clinical and Analytical Efficacy of iPonatic Portable Molecule Workstation

The need for molecular diagnostics is increasing at the point of care (POC), where ease of use, laboratory-like performance, and speed are needed to make time-sensitive clinical decisions. However, only a few instruments are available for near-patient molecular testing, and these mostly still do not deliver on ease of use, time-to-result and sensitivity. This is why Sansure iPonatic portable molecule workstation has done a wonderful job in upgrading both speed and usability for POCT:

For Clinical Emergency

Clinical emergencies, whether seen in a hospital, community, or social environment, require a prompt and appropriate response. In such circumstances, clinicians are guided by local policies and protocols and have access to sophisticated molecule workstation that can make a difference as it is fast, precise, and easy to use.

For Health Management

To manage the health orderly and effectively, it is essential to realize rapid testing and timely control of epidemic situations under limited resources. However, laboratory-based standardized testing methods have a long turnaround time and high cost. Thus, the portable molecular workstation came into being.

It has the benefits of efficiency, portability, ease of use, precision, and low cost, conducive to faster clinical decision-making and faster screening. Therefore, it is more likely to manage the health in time.


Innovation in molecule assay has been so innovative and revolutionized that it has removed all the hurdles between the care provider and the patient. Sansure molecular POCT platform – iPonatic facilities rapid nucleic acid lysis within one minute at room temperature, with an ultra-fast amplification system that integrated data analysis software. The result is immediately printed by a printer built into the workstation based on real-time PCR.

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