A Guide to Setting Up a Booth at a Career Fair

Career fairs can be excellent opportunities to seek out new talent for your company, as well as a chance to increase brand awareness. College graduates who are trying to figure out their next steps find these events incredibly useful, and careers fairs can help them to discover various career paths that they might not have previously considered. If you do get invited to set up a booth at one of these fairs, it’s certainly worth pursuing, but you will need to make sure that your company stands out. Below are some tips on how to style an eye-catching booth at a career fair and encourage students to learn more about what your business does.

Marketing Materials and Free Samples

Although you will have the opportunity to speak to students directly, you should make sure that you have brought reading material that they can take away with them to look through later on. This could be in flyers or brochures that have more detail about what your business does, and the career opportunities that are available with the company, whether that’s internships or current job vacancies. If possible, think of bringing some promotional products or free samples that students can have, as this can be a good marketing technique and you might even get a few new customers too.

Professional Signs and Banners

If you want to convince attendees that your business is one that they should consider as a future employer, you need to make sure that you’re presenting it professionally. Having quality signs and banners printed to hang by your booth is a must, clearly showing your logo and any slogans that might be part of your business branding. You might also want to use these signs to showcase projects that your company has worked on, or any testimonials from employees about what it’s like to work for the business. If you are going to have professional signs and banners printed, make sure you use a method of printing that’s better for the environment, especially if moving toward greener practices is part of your company’s ethos.

Provide Comfortable Seating

A lot of people visiting your booth might just be browsing, but those who are interested in learning more about what your company does and the career opportunities on offer might want to have a more in-depth conversation. This is why creating a comfortable place for visitors to sit and discuss these things with you is important, as it can help to create a more welcoming atmosphere. Depending on the health and safety restrictions for the event, you may even want to think about providing simple refreshments like tea, coffee, and water to those who stop by to talk with you about the business.

Remember Your Business Cards

Career fairs are great networking opportunities for both students and professionals alike, so remember to bring your business cards with you to hand out to potential candidates for roles within your company. You may even make useful connections with other companies that are attending the fair too.

If you are going to be attending career fairs at colleges this year, use these tips to help you set up an eye-catching booth that people will remember.


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