A Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing a College Major

Students often change their majors. In a 2020 study by BestColleges, three out of five college graduates would change majors if they could. Therefore, before choosing a major, you should consider several factors, including the cost, expected salary, and job prospects.

Additionally, it would be best to think about your interests, academic goals, and personality. In this section, this post will assist you in selecting a major that corresponds to your passions, values, and mission. So, let’s dive in.

What is a Major?

A major is a specialized study area at college. It determines the units one takes in their topic area. Even though choosing a major aligned with your career goals can benefit you, it won’t guarantee that you will succeed in it. 

The careers of many college graduates are unrelated to their studies in college. However, it would help to choose a major that will prepare you for your desired job.

How to Pick a Major in College

Choosing a major won’t dictate your career, but you’ll spend a lot of time studying it. Therefore, choosing one based on your interests and future goals is crucial. 

When selecting a college major, consider these factors:

Describe Possible Careers

Your career path will determine what major you should choose. If you want to succeed in a career in journalism, majoring in journalism will best prepare you. If you have excellent skills for studying Maths tests, you could become a Statistician. 

A psychology major will prepare you for success as a psychologist. The major you choose does not have to align with your future career path. But it can help you prepare for it better.

Consider Income Potential

A degree costs money, so carefully picking a major is crucial. Consider the earnings potential of the career you’re interested in before you declare a major. 

The future earning potential of a particular major can help you decide whether it’s worth it for you to take out loans or pay your way through college.

Identify Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Select a major based on your unique abilities. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will help you understand your skills. You will be more successful in college and your career if you major in a field that interests you. 

During your studies, you still have the opportunity to improve your skills in a field you’re interested in, even if you don’t have the best talents.

Keep Your Interests in Mind

Do you have a favorite subject? Which topic interests you the most? It can have a significant impact on your major. You want to make sure the area you choose is something you are interested in learning more about since you will focus a considerable amount of time on it.

A major that aligns with your interests gives you an added advantage. You may make lifelong friendships and professional connections with people who share similar interests while studying with them.

Think About Your Strengths

You will have a more challenging time in college than in high school. As a result, you can expect challenges in your abilities and thinking. Nevertheless, hard work allows you to explore a significant field aligned with your strengths. Considering your strengths is a good idea.

Do you have any areas in which you excel? Are there any ways to channel these toward a major? The more you focus on a field you are naturally passionate about; the more enjoyable college will be. You will have a rewarding college experience if you are successful in that field.

Discuss Your Major With Others

Talk to friends who have recently graduated college about their meaningful choices. It would help to inquire about what they like about their major, their decisions, and what they wish they had done differently.

Talk to people with similar career goals to yours to gain insight into how that field might relate to your passions and what you want to do.


Choosing a major can be a challenging process. It’s a big decision that will drastically impact your future. But don’t fret — if you spend the time researching and exploring all your options, you will find the perfect major. And who knows, maybe your dream job will wait for you right around the corner. 

Just remember to be patient, stay positive, and‌ trust your gut. You can also take help from your friends, family, and teachers. They can unload valuable information for you.


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