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Almost every single kid loves to play with foam in the bathtub. Why not bring the form into the backyard with all of the other kids in the neighborhood that can enjoy it?

By turning any regular party into a form party, you have the opportunity to be the talk of the neighborhood! Great for all ages, school fun runs, college parties, Sweet 16 parties, discourse, birthdays or even marriage events, form parties are an amazing solution.

In this article, we will be looking at the service and the reputation of the company “roaring form” that provides service in the region of Los Angeles, California, United States.

Roaring foam party

Before starting with the quality of the service, let’s look at the list that the company provides as its services:

Destination events

Birthday parties

Corporate events

Holiday parties

Marriage and celebration events and several others

The company has been providing service for more than a decade in the region of Los Angeles.

One of the most popular questions regarding the service of this form party event host is that exactly how much form do you get in which type of package. In this article, we will be covering all of the aspects about the reviews and the specifications of the service that the company provides.

Quantity of the form

There are three basic packages that a customer can choose. Kids from party, epic form party, infinite from party. Among these three packages, the first one features an X1 full machine, the second one- X2 form machine, and the third one features an X3 ultra foam cannon.

The X1 foam machine is capable of producing 80 gallons of foam as an output in exchange of 1 gallon of 100% premium form solution.

The X2 premium foam cannon is capable of producing 240 gallons of form in exchange of 1 gallon of the chemical. And the package features 3 gallons of the solution which means that you get 720 gallons of foam which is pretty huge.

And the ultimate package features more than 1000 gallons of form with six different foam cannons.

Extra services

Here are the extras that you get along with any of the packages of foam party services from roaring foam.

First, you get an amazing bubble machine. This comes as a complement with all the packages that are available from the company. And this is really great for parties, disregarding the age of the participants.

Second, you get exclusive sound systems along with the dedicated control interface. It’s a party after all. What good a party is if it doesn’t have music?

And for an extra 125 USD, you can get extra foam cannons to hype the whole thing up even more!

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