Amazing things to do in Udaipur on your trip, 2021

There are many exciting things to do in Udaipur.

1) Motor Boat Ride

All Bollywood’s dreams will come true when you speed over water, with the wind blowing through your hair, at sunset on the vast lake. Take a pose, and then update your profile with some motorboat art. You can enjoy the fast ride at Fateh Sagar lake!

Lakeside Chill

Although it may seem tedious, this is Udaipur’s best activity. Udaipur is known for its scenic beauty. To feel the bliss, visit the lakes at sunset or sunrise.

Horse riding

You can add the ‘Royal” touch to your skills by learning how to ride an ancient princely horse. Pratap Country Inn (Titardi) is a place where you can learn to ride a horse.

Try hookah

Udaipur has many lounges that offer the best hookahs and a beautiful view. Relax near the lakes and enjoy the stunning view from your hookah pipe. Aqua Lounge, Greco House and CafeMeraki are some of the places we recommend.

Sightseeing in Double Decker Bus

The best things to do in Udaipur include riding in the double-decker sightseeing bus. It allows you to explore the entire city in one day. All the most popular places in Udaipur can be covered on a single ride.

Get Free Wi-Fi

Don’t pay for cellular networks. Instead, head to Celebration Mall for free high-speed Wi-Fi. Download apps, update your phone and enjoy the free service.

Helicopter Ride

You can enjoy a chopper ride in luxury, just like the ‘Yash Chopra movies. Take a helicopter flight with Mewar Helicopter Services today and fly high!

Cycling near lakes

Rent a bike if you are a keen cyclist and ride towards Rani Road or FatehSagarPaal. Let the fresh air inhale your nostrils to enjoy a relaxing experience. Make sure you have safety gear and a helmet.

Roadside Food Treat

Enjoy mouth-watering Udaipur street food at Sukhadia Circle. The prices are affordable, and you can fill up your stomach with delicious food for as low as Rs 100 per head. This is a great way to discover Udaipur’s best attractions!


Trekking on the Aravalli Hills is a great adventure for those who love to see the city from a new perspective. Low mountains close to Badi Lake are the best place to trek.

Watch Movies

There is nothing better than seeing a movie to amuse yourself. To make your visit pleasant, Udaipur offers two multiplexes: PVR (Celebration Mall) and INOX(Lakecity Mall).


A rope-way ride from Pichola Lake to Karni Mata Temple is another option for height-lovers. Enjoy the beautiful Arial views and tranquillity of the shrine as you celebrate your altitude. You won’t have to break the bank for this ride.

Chai at Tapri

Chai-time is the best, and chai tastes better at small Chai ki Tapris. Chaifeteria is a special Chai joint that offers a variety of teas you should review.


Gaming enthusiasts will find many venues such as Hangout Gaming Zone and OMG (RKay Mall), Hungama or Celebration Mall. These locations are great for little ones.


Enjoy paddling at Sukhadia Circle, a great way to eat roadside food, and spend quality time with loved ones in a duck-shaped boat that stirs in the pond.


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