Are Philips CPAP Machines Causing Lung Cancer?

If you have bought one of Philips’ CPAP machines and are now suffering from health issues, you are not alone. Philips had recently recalled various models of its products as they were causing breathing problems and had a chemical that could potentially cause cancer in human beings. 

Although Philips has apologized for this mistake and has promised to refund everyone who bought the recalled devices, it still does not compensate for the Philip CPAP lung cancer risks they put you through. With the help of a lawyer, you can file a claim against the company and get compensation for your injuries. 

How do Philips CPAP machines cause lung cancer?

The worldwide popular company Philips had recalled millions of their sleep apnea or CPAP devices over concerns that they could be posing a serious threat to the user’s health. The Philips CPAP machines contain foam that is made of polyester-based polyurethane. This foam was put in place to reduce the vibration and sound of the device for the convenience of the users. 

However, many users found evidence of foam particles in their CPAP masks. It was found that the sound abatement foam begins to degrade into tiny particles when people use the device. The person using the device can easily inhale and swallow these tiny foam particles without realizing it. 

Upon degradation, the foam also releases harmful chemicals which are cancerous for the human body. When these tiny foam particles and chemicals are inhaled, they can reach the person’s lungs and cause lung cancer. 

Other than that, the devices can also cause other short-term and long-term health issues. These may include the following. 

  • headache 
  • skin irritation 
  • allergic reactions 
  • respiratory tract irritation can lead to shortness of breath 
  • asthma 
  • liver/kidney and various types of cancers. 

Do you qualify for a Philips CPAP lawsuit if you do not have lung cancer? 

You may be thinking you cannot file a lawsuit unless you have cancerous injuries, but that is not so. Anyone who has ever bought any one of the recalled CPAP machines can file a case. Even if you have not suffered side effects, you can still sue the company for putting your life at risk. If your injuries are minor, such as a headache or cough, you can still get compensated. 

However, the amount of compensation may vary. Someone with lung cancer can expect to receive a million dollars or more from Philips, whereas someone with minor side effects may receive a lower amount.

Is there a burden of proof?

Yes. As in the case of any legal matter, evidence is key to winning. When you make a claim against Philips, you need to produce valid documentation confirming that you bought the device. For this, you can use the receipt from buying the device. You can also document your injuries and show reports of your lung cancer or other side effects.

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