Are you looking to dress up? Here are some fantastic excuses to

A few years ago the days of fast fashion were not an option. It was commonplace to buy or create clothes that could last for a long time, and the majority of people had only a handful of clothes in their closets. In Canada and across the world that spoke English you were wearing your “Sunday top” was your most elegant outfit, reserved for Sundays, and other formal events that could be scheduled.

However, you couldn’t dress casually throughout the week. Fashions were traditional throughout the early 1920s, which saw males wearing trousers and shirts, usually with ties. However, women were rarely seen wearing anything other than skirts and dresses regardless of what they did at home, at work, or in the shops.


The typical office in the 1950s was an extremely formal event. Everyone was dressed in suit jackets and formal attire and not any denim on the table.

Today, however, is quite different. The technology behind clothing has improved dramatically and advancements in manufacturing mean that we are able to make more clothes than we would normally. This has influenced the shift in our attitudes toward clothing. We’ve changed to a more casually dressed society, where most of us wear jeans and a t-shirt.

However, this has an issue. Dressing up in fashion can make us feel fabulous, however, with a lack of occasions to dress up most of us aren’t getting the chance to do so. If you’d like to change your style there are a few suggestions of where you could visit for a reason to dress in your comfortable clothes.


Films such as James Bond have helped to give the impression that players need to dress well to fit accepted and be part of them. There’s a certain appeal to watching 007 and his comrades betting at Baccarat tables sporting suits, but this isn’t entirely true.

Although it’s generally regarded as an acceptable manner to dress in a respectful manner at casinos, they generally have certain rules with regard to what clothes you may wear. Certain establishments that are more upscale and older might be more strict, but the majority of modern casinos will just require you to wear clothing that is too sporty or with exposed skin.

Nevertheless, you aren’t going to look odd with a fancy formal dress or suit. If you’re seeking an opportunity to dress up, this could be the ideal excuse.



At the beginning of cinema, the majority present would’ve been dressed in smart attire. However, today, they’re as casual as when going to fast-food restaurants. This isn’t the case in theatres, where a bit of traditional dress-up has been preserved.

A few venues do not apply a dress code rather than telling the attendees to “wear the clothes that feel comfortable.” However, you would not be out of fashion If you dressed in a smart manner. Indeed, many take advantage of it as an excuse to dress up to the nines which means you’ll be in the right crowd.

If you’re worried that you’ll be the sole person dressed in smart clothes, make sure you choose carefully what show you attend and where you go and when you go to see it. For instance, an afternoon performance of Frozen the Musical is unlikely to attract a large number of people wearing attire. However, an Opening night for Les Miserables likely would.


Restaurants are available in different kinds and dimensions. A few people might not appreciate it. However, these dress codes can help create the ambiance that is the most important element of the experience.

Depending on the location you choose, you could spend the entire evening solely in a restaurant. You could also begin by eating dinner at an elegant restaurant prior to moving on to the casino or a theater. If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can take on all three.

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