Are you wondering whether to buy American oak barrels?

Are you wondering whether or not to buy an American oak barrel for aging? This is considered a decisive factor in the success of winemaking. So let’s see what advantages it has to be so popular.

What is American Oak?

First, we will learn about American oak material, to understand why it deserves to be chosen to make high-class oak barrels.

This wood line is imported monolithically from the US, where many years old oak trees with high quality are planted and exploited. Therefore, not only wine barrels, high-class furniture in general are made from oak.

The nature of this wood is very waterproof, resistant to impact as well as not attacked by termites. So it can adapt to many different weather conditions, including the humid tropical monsoon like our country.

American oak has two main lines, white and red oak, both used for aging barrels. These two varieties differ in their basic colors but are of the same premium quality and are both suitable for creating the ideal aging environment.

American oak barrels – the perfect choice for aging

Thanks to the solid texture of the wood, along with the basic characteristics of smell and water resistance, oak is considered an excellent choice for wine aging. The more convincing reason is that it works to make the quality of the wine reach the best, most aromatic, smoothest.

In oak you can find special organic substances, they help infuse the wine, reduce the pungentness, remove the toxins of the wine, help the taste to be balanced, smooth, more delicious. Even more amazing is that the oak barrel during processing has a burning step inside the barrel to bring up the aroma of the wood. So wines, especially wines, have a characteristic aroma that is difficult to mix.

And that’s why, when you use American oak barrels for aging, you will experience great benefits such as:

Enjoy wines with healthy ingredients, because the process of aging with oak barrels, harmful substances are absorbed into the wood, evaporating out. So you use alcohol without dizziness, headache, see the smoothness of alcohol

You can use it to decorate your space, because these crates are meticulously designed with delicate lines. Along with the unique natural grain of oak, the inherent color of the wood is enough to make it the focus of everyone’s attention.

Enjoying wine from oak barrels scientifically, you will get a beautiful skin thanks to the active ingredients formed after the aging process to help regenerate the skin, return the rosy look to the skin.

So now many new customers choose a barrel model with this material to soak wine. It also has the ability to soak not only wine, but many white wines, with different high and low alcohol content.

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The aging process becomes simpler with American oak casks

In fact, the technique of aging wine with American oak barrels is not as difficult as you imagine. And it is extremely simple when you use this powerful support product.

Before soaking, you need to: Soak in water for a few days to check if the barrel is leaking or not; then let the barrel dry on its own and you can burn the inside of the barrel so that the aroma of the wood is released, helping it to soak into the wine as it soaks.

  The aging step is very simple: Pour the previously prepared wine into the barrel and leave a certain amount of space for the wine to neutralize with the oxygen in the barrel. And just close the lid of the barrel and wait for the batch of wine to come out of the oven. In this process, depending on the soaking time, usually every 2 months, you will open the lid to stir the wine once until the wine has soaked for enough time.

And do not forget, when using this product, in order for the wine to be delicious as well as the durability of the oldest oak barrels, you need to pay attention to how to preserve them. Specifically, you need to keep the barrel in a cool place, away from strong sunlight, if you have a wine cellar, that’s too good. Otherwise you take advantage of areas such as under the stairs to leave it. When not in use, you should also put clean water in the barrel and change the water every week to ensure the durability of the barrel.

At this point, do you wonder if you should buy American oak barrels again? Surely what we share has given you the most specific view of its quality and how great it is to use.

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