Aspects To Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Venue

You need to organize a lot when it comes to your wedding, from the dress to the cake to the guest list. However, one of the most crucial parts to nail down is the venue. After all, without that, you have nowhere to celebrate your big day! Due to the fact that the venue is so key, many people worry about how to find the perfect one. Making the decision can be intimidating, so it’s helpful to make a checklist of all the criteria that you want your venue to meet – as well as anything that would be a dealbreaker.

Not sure where to begin? Here are five main considerations to keep in mind when you’re on the hunt for the perfect wedding venue.

1. Size

It’s true – size matters! You need to pick a venue that will comfortably fit all of your wedding guests, so it’s a good idea to finalize those numbers early on. Many people only think about ensuring that the venue is large enough to accommodate everyone, but you do not want it to be so big that it feels empty. Remember that many venues have multiple rooms of different sizes available, so don’t rule anywhere out without checking all your options.

2. Location

When it comes to the location, there are a few key issues to consider, such as:

  • How close is the venue to the church (if you’re getting married in one)?
  • If you have guests who will are arriving by public transport, how accessible is the venue from the station or airport?
  • Is there a parking lot for those who are driving?
  • Is there accommodation either on-site or in the near vicinity for people who want to stay overnight?

3. Aesthetics

One of the enjoyable parts of planning weddings is choosing a theme, and it’s important to choose a venue that fits in with yours. For example, if you’re aiming for country chic, you could search for a gorgeous converted barn, or if you’re hoping for something more modern, then choose a venue with sleek minimalist vibes. Those who want a traditional wedding might like an elegant ballroom or stately mansion. The choices are endless, so brainstorm some fun ideas and see what you can find!

4. Catering

Food is an important part of any wedding, so check what’s available at each venue you’re considering. Do they have their own caterers, or would you have to hire an external company? If they provide catering, what type is it (for example, a buffet or a sit-down meal)? Are you allowed outside extras such as a food truck or ice cream vendor? Be sure that wherever you choose matches your vision.

5. Entertainment

No wedding would be complete without entertainment, so check what the rules are at the venues you’re looking at. For example, do they allow live music? If so, until what time? It’s also worth asking if the rules are different for outside and inside spaces. Make a list of all the fun extras you’re hoping to have at your wedding – from lawn games to karaoke and fireworks – and make sure the venue is happy to permit them all.




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