Automotive designer or mechanical engineer: What’s the right choice?

Students often don’t know if they should take a course and then make a career in automotive engineering or mechanical engineering. To help these students decide, let’s start by discussing the most crucial difference between the two.

In general, core mechanical subjects are taught in Mechanical Engineering programs. This part of engineering deals with the basic ideas behind how machines work. Automotive Engineering, on the other hand, is all about designing cars. And because the auto industry is growing all the time, automotive engineering is much more in demand now than the other two. There are even Automobile Designing Colleges that you can explore further.

Is It Take a Long Time to Become an Automotive Designer?

It’s a true fact that most people who have became an car designer has started drawing cars when they are 5 to 6 years old. And, at the time they are in university or college, they are drawing cars for over ten years. Now, if you are not that person, then you have to make up that time and gain that much experience. You can take help from the internet where you will find tons of information.

But it doesn’t matter how much help you get, you will need time to train your hand and eye for proper coordination, and time and practice will do that. If you taking another course and going school for other subject, then it will be impossible for you.

Automobile Design or Mechanical Engineering for Cars?

In upcoming years, people will be part of both jobs. Its not bad if you don’t know which job is the best for you. But, anyone with any intelligent and disciplined person has the ability to become an engineer.

However, if you are passionate about cars and designing and going to a designing school and spending 4 to 6 years, more than 10 hours a day in drawing cars, and spending good amount of money in tuition, then there is a greater chance that no company will hire you as a designer.

Just like a lot of people want to play sports professionally but never do, a lot of people want to design cars professionally but never do. You can’t just do it on the side and expect to be successful. Most people can become mechanical engineers if they want to. Most people who want to design cars won’t be able to develop them.

You have to be “all in” to become a professional car designer. Because there are only so many jobs open, and there are many more graduates than there are. So you must be among the best.


Why should you take a chance to become an auto designer? There is nothing like seeing an idea you had in your mind’s eye, on the road, or at an auto show. No one can take away that happiness. Here are the Manufacturing Design Courses In India; check them out and find one for you.


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