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Average Cost to Rekey Locks: benefits of & factors affecting it

Who doesn’t want to feel secure in their homes, offices, or elsewhere? Door locks remain the most feature of safety for any property. It’s therefore important to stay your door locks in good and dealing condition. Constant replacement of the locks isn’t the solution because it will only increase your bill. There are other ways to try to it also. By rekeying your locks rather than replacing them you’ll economize and provides new life to your existing door lock systems. Rekeying is fashionable landlords as they are doing not want to vary the lock whenever, they need a replacement tenant.

How much does it cost to rekey a lock?

In the USA, locks within the house cost around $40 to $100 plus $15 to $40 per lock or about $75 per hour. you’ll also got to pay a visit fee to the locksmith if you call workplace . this is often averagely around $50 to $100. this is often just an example. the particular prices may vary consistent with the sort of locksmith needed for the doors that are locked.

Elements contributing to the value to rekey locks

  1. If your location is extremely faraway from the locksmith, he will charge you quite usual. As time is money, the longer you’re taking , the more the charge he will make.
  2. If some emergency is imposed otherwise you call a locksmith in his off-duty hours, he will charge a hefty fee for that. this is often something that anyone could see coming.

Advantages of rekeying

People often confuse the 2 terms. it’s important to know the difference between them. those that do, thanks to some reasons always prefer rekeying locks over replacing new ones. a number of their reasons follow.

  1. Of course, rekeying locks price but replacing the lock system altogether
  2. It takes less time than replacement.
  3. Multiple locks are often adjusted to use an equivalent key.
  4. Less hassle and no damage to the door is caused. It happens when a lock system is removed while replacing it.

Checklist for rekeying

Rekeying may be a fairly straightforward process for knowledgeable to perform. it’s their daily job so it comes not as a surprise that what proportion they mater it. Once a lock has been rekeyed successfully, it’ll work with the new set of keys and you’ll throw away the old set, as they then become useless.


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