Become Disciplined Without Making Life Boring

Although many people are compelled by the idea of increasing their self-discipline, it is far from an easy task. The benefits of being more disciplined are numerous, including being more productive and efficient with your valuable time. Discipline is an excellent tool for making life more structured and therefore helping you work towards your goals. Unfortunately, it isn’t without its downsides. Rigid structure and an over-reliance on discipline can make life dull and take the pleasure out of spontaneity. Here you will find some advice on how to increase your self-discipline without letting go of the enjoyment in life.

Carefully Consider Your Reasons And Goals

If you lead a busy life with many responsibilities and ambitious goals, it is understandable that developing good discipline is important to you. Discipline can help a person reach their goals more efficiently since it helps focus the mind and get tasks done. However, if you are the kind of person who thrives on spontaneity and irregularity, discipline should be reserved for the more important aspects of your life such as meeting deadlines or taking steps to achieve your dreams, not for daily tasks such as meal preparation or a fitness regime. Of course, a healthy diet and frequent exercise are important, but some people require more discipline than others to include these in their lifestyle.

Know When Discipline Isn’t Necessary

Discipline is only a useful tool when it is applicable. If you have a goal that requires you to be more structured with your time then discipline is very useful indeed. However, applying it to every aspect of your life can prove unhealthy and unhelpful. This is because, although the human brain is designed to appreciate patterns and rhythms, it also needs variety and unexpected stimuli in order to be fulfilled. In order to make the most out of personal discipline, you need to decide when it is appropriate and necessary for you to implement and when you can afford to let loose. Just like everyone else, you deserve to treat yourself. Having strong personal discipline doesn’t mean you must forsake all opportunities to rest and rejuvenate.

Learn How To Build Good Habits And Break Bad Ones

One of the more flexible ways to develop stronger self-discipline is to learn the techniques behind adding good habits to your routine and extracting bad or unhelpful ones. The first step is to identify which habits you would like to build and which you would like to remove. You can attach good habits to existing ones to help cement them into your routine. For example, if you want to learn a new language then tell yourself that you will practice for thirty minutes every day after breakfast. If you want to stop biting your fingernails, pay attention to when it happens and take note of what you’re feeling in that moment then distract yourself with another activity.

Discipline isn’t a key to success and it isn’t an essential part of every type of routine, but it can be a practical way of reaching your goals and simplifying life.


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