Benefits of solving worksheets weekly

Kids today are always lost in their favourite gadgets and are devoid of the fun learning aspect offered by preschool worksheets. Worksheets have been used for a long time by teachers to develop logical and problem solving abilities in the students. Kids nowadays learn more by doing things on their own than by seeing what their teacher is doing. Younger students learn better and quicker when the correct and apt methodologies are used and worksheets are one such methodology that has been proved to improve students’ problem solving ability.

Worksheets have been found to be more participative and mind provoking than any other form of imparting education on children. It is a widely used method of making students learn quickly and efficiently. Worksheets such as Science CBSE 7th Nutrition in Plants Worksheet are an effective way to educate the children because while students feel much more lethargic while studying, on the other hand, worksheets feel like a fun activity or even a game.

Here are some of the benefits of solving worksheets weekly –

  •       Strengthens the concept –

After a concept has been taught in the class, giving a worksheet on the same topic reinforces the taught concepts in the student’s mind, further strengthening the concept of the student. For example, if the teacher has just taught the topic of Lines and Angles from maths, doing a worksheet on the same would reinforce the formulas, concepts and theorems that the student had learnt while studying Lines and Angles. Hence, a weekly worksheet based on the topics taught in the week goes a long way in cementing the concepts learnt that week in the student’s mind.

  •       Increases practise of the topic –

Doing questions on the topic recently learnt in the week can drastically improve the way the student has understood that particular topic while also exposing him to a variety of questions on the topic. Doing weekly worksheets is a great way of practising more and more for a given topic, which develops a student’s cognitive ability to solve questions more easily when he faces questions of a similar pattern in the future.

  •       Interesting way of learning –

Normally, a student has to learn by what he is taught in the class which honestly, might get a bit monotonous. Hence weekly worksheets are an innovative way to escape that monotony and develop a better and interesting way to understand and deep dive into the topic learnt in the week.

  •       Better logic building –

By exposing the student to a variety of questions based on the topic that he has recently studied, forces him to apply different methods and logic which could aid him in solving the questions which in turn helps the student in the better logic building. When a student is given a worksheet, he is expected to solve it all by himself which makes him think in a myriad of ways which opens up different pathways to approach a question that might have remained hidden had there been no weekly worksheet.

  •       Keeps young students away from gadgets –

With the advent of technology and the further use of technology in every walk of life, students are also exposed to various gadgets that are available to them fairly easily at the comforts of their homes. Often nowadays, many children are found to be addicted to some of the gadgets at such an early age when they should be playing outside or studying. However, with weekly worksheets, students can be kept away from gadgets and forced to invest their energies in a positive and constructive manner that can impact their curve.

  •       Worksheets can be used before exam time for revision –

As most of the worksheets are given out in hardcopy, they can be used later for revision. After the student has solved the given weekly worksheet, he or she can then store them carefully so that when revising the topic, they can revisit the worksheet and solve some of the questions again so as to remind them of the key points that were required in solving that particular question.

  •       Can cover a wide range of topics –

In a given weekly worksheet, many topics can be taken at once and questions can be given based on these topics as it will help the student in understanding all the concepts in one go without having to solve separate worksheets for different topics. Given that worksheets are less of a burden on a student, teachers might give one topic recently taught to the student along with a topic from earlier in the weekly worksheet so that the student is able to revise old concepts at the same time as learning and implementing new ones.

  •       Offers a more engaging form of education to students –

Weekly worksheets are a better form of education for students who have been slow in catching up with what is being taught in the class. Worksheets can be taken as a form of challenge by the student and solved as a form of enjoyment and fun instead of taking on the burden of learning.

  •       Can be utilised as a form of incentive –

Weekly worksheets can also be used as a form of incentive for students who are not quite interested in studies, by giving them the incentive of a special gift for whoever gets the most questions correct. It will invoke excitement in the young minds of students who would solve the worksheet with their full focus so as to get all the answers to the questions correctly so that they are able to win the special gift that was promised to them. Even though a student is not able to win one week, he can be motivated to work harder and practise more in order to get all the answers correct next time and win the special prize.

  •       Make it easier for parents –

Weekly worksheets for parents who teach their children is a welcome breather for them as worksheets are meant to be solved on their own by the children. Parents also suffer in making their children sit down and study which can be helped by the weekly worksheet to a great extent.



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