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Bespoke Bathrooms are New Trend in Renovating

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Is it time to remodel your bathroom? If you live in Australia, and are looking for Canberra bathroom renovators, whether you’re remodeling because you’re getting ready to sell your home or remodeling for your own satisfaction, look into some of the newest trends to make it that much better. Your bathroom should be a place for you to decompress from your day and have a relaxing time in a nice shower or tub. There are quite a few trends that are in right now. Here are some ideas from bathtubs, showers, sinks, and vanities, the newest textures, patterns, and prints.

A Great Project Starts With a Free Quote

Over the years, gray was one of the most popular colors to have your bathroom walls painted. Gray was a great look for those who weren’t crazy about having a lot of colors in their bathroom. It was a good look for bathrooms with plain white walls. That trend has timed out. Bolder colors and warmer styles are in, and people love them all. Vanities, flooring, and even wall tiles are popular to have bold warmer colors right now.The trend of bespoke bathrooms is on the rise, and when it comes to transforming your bathroom into a unique space, consider reaching out to experts in bath remodel Fort Worth. Companies like Lone Star Bathroom Remodel specialize in creating custom bathroom designs to suit your preferences.

Free Standing Tubs

This isn’t particularly a new trend, but they most definitely are becoming more popular more recently. You will be hitting the jackpot by having one of these luxurious tubs in your bathroom. With how comfortable they are, you will be able to enjoy that relaxing, peaceful time to decompress after your day. Not only are these tubs great for your own personal needs, but they bring so much to your bathroom. They can easily give your bathroom a modern and sleek design, which can be a big attention grabber for people.

Tile Patterns And Shapes

Technology has come such a long way throughout the years, having the capability to design just about anything. Technology has allowed manufacturers to create a huge variety of designs by using basic tiles. Technology now has been able to expand beyond colors and graphics. There are so many tile shapes you can choose from now, keep an eye out for the popular shapes like hexagon, arabesque, diamond, Moroccan, fish scales, and chevron patterns in new and improved colors and textures. People love these shapes not just for the bathroom floor but to have on your shower walls, bathroom backsplashes, and even the bathroom ceilings to give off more of that bold accent.

Wood Accents Are Back And In Style

Wood accents are back, and people are falling in love with them all over again. Varieties of wood complement the colors white, blue, green, and darker colored bathrooms very well. There is no surprise really that the wood accents are back. They have the perfect touch for bathrooms that have more of a vintage and industrial vibe. Wooden accents are popular right now for their vanities, which also bring a traditional classy style to a bathroom.

Compact Storage Spaces

We all know how quickly our bathrooms can become cluttered and how frazzling that can be, especially when you’re getting ready to start your day and head off to work. Installing compact storage spaces in your bathroom could save you so much time and bring you some much-needed relief and not feel so overwhelmed. Wall shelves and hidden cabinets are a huge trend right now because it’s simple and clutter-free. All of your toiletries and everyday items you use while in the bathroom will have their own space. By having these much-needed storage spaces, your bathroom will look presentable with less clutter, more organized, and more open.


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