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Since the innovation of PDF technology by Adobe co-founder Charles Geschke, individuals, businesses and government institutions are relying on the format in the creation and sharing of documents.

PDF has many features that favour businesses when it comes to sharing of documents. It allows a document to retain its features including graphics, text format and videos regardless of the device used to open. Also, thanks to the availability of PDF, people can share videos encrypted in documents without going through any complex processes.

It is common knowledge to PDF users that you wouldn’t be able to view and edit a PDF document without a PDF file editor. Unlike in the past when PDF was just implemented, now different companies have come up with advanced PDF editing software. Just like any typical competitive business industry. Each company has come up with unique features to create the best PDF editing software.

Most PDF editor software have free and premium packages each with its set of features. While each provider promises to give the best, some do not deliver their end of the bargain and they leave users quite disappointed. In this post I will save you the hustle by providing you with a list of the best PDF editing software. Always keep in mind that each software has certain features that make it a preferred choice for many users. By assessing these features you can choose which PDF editor is best suited for your document needs.

Lumin PDF

Lumin PDF is one of the best PDF editing software with over 48 Million users across the world. Most people prefer the Lumin PDF editor due to its unique smart editing features. The application provides an asset of mark-up tools that make annotation of images and documents much easier even for people with limited computer skills.

The PDF editor tool for students has many advantages for learners in a knowledge sharing environment. With Lumin PDF, you can easily include text, signatures and images in PDF documents. It is an ideal PDF editor for teachers too as they can add comments on student documents on the go.

Here are some of the unique features offered by Lumin PDF online editor:

  • Google classroom integration: this feature allows the user to access Lumin PDF edited files on Google classroom. It is not easy to combine all the technologies employed in the classroom, and that is what makes this application the best PDF editor for students. Additionally, it aims at improving the teaching environment by boosting the workflow. The interaction of documents by both learners and their tutors makes learning even more fun for both parties.
  • E-signatures: this is also another feature common with most PDF editing software whereby the user can include digital signatures on official documents without the need to go through the tedious process of printing, signing and emailing.
  • Real-time sync: this is another interactive feature of the Lumin application that allows the user to see the changes on the documents as they happen. As a PDF annotator, students and their teachers have to assess projects and document; sharing instant feedback which is critical in a learning environment.
  • Cross platform: just like business, learning is a continuous process. Lumin PDF tool for students helps the user create and access their documents with the same ease on different devices including smartphones, tablets and computers.
  • Collaboration: In an interactive environment such as a classroom or an organization, teams can interact with each other by chatting directly as they work on documents. In such cases, the feedback is instant and instructions can be enacted in real time.
  • Auto-saving: Lumin PDF automatically saves the changes made on documents. It is the best PDF editor for students as it safeguards the user against the loss of information as they work on projects.
  • Annotation tools: You can access Lumin PDF editor by downloading the application or by opening it directly on your browser. Either way, the application offers the same annotation features for editing PDF such as inclusion of signatures, text, shapes, images and videos.
  • Cloud integration: businesses and learning institutions can immensely benefit from this feature which involves saving documents on Lumin, Dropbox and cloud Google drives.

In summary, Millions of learners, teachers and business persons make Lumin their preferred choice due to its ease of use, ability to collaborate, ease of access of documents without worrying about the risk of loss.


Sejda is another resourceful PDF editor for both educational and business institutions. Advancement in technology and the increasing need for people to work online makes it even more crucial for software developers to create the best PDF editor for students. Consequently, Sedja offers unlimited features to take care of the needs of students and teachers in a collaborative learning environment.

It is one of the best PDF annotator students and some of Sejda unique features include:

  • Compress: when large documents are involved such as those containing heavy graphics and videos, the user can reduce the size by using the Sedja PDF compressing feature.
  • Merge: if you have multiple documents and/or images, you can use the Sejda application to combine them into the desired number of documents. Also, as you combine, you have options to alternate or mix them as desired.
  • Extract pages: this free PDF editor for teachers allows the user to extract the desired pages from a document and combine these into one document which can then be shared with the desired group or team.
  • Edit and design: if you wish to include some text or images into your document, then Sejda is the perfect solution. It is the best free PDF editor for students and businesses when creating, filling out forms and signing documents.
  • Split: Sejda provides users with different options for splitting documents. The user can split the document as per text, size, bookmarks and pages.
  • Convert to and from PDF: When using a word document, you can easily use the readily available PDF editor free for students online to convert the document into word and vice versa.


SmallPDF offers a PDF editor for students free of charge. Despite offering extensive free features, SmallPDF seems to have it all. Users have the option to include the free SmallPDF editor extension on their Chrome browser, which makes it easier to use the application on your device whenever need be.


Small PDF has extensive range of features and some of the most common include:

  • Conversion of PDF to word and excel
  • Merging of PDF documents
  • Deleting PDF documents
  • Conversion of JPG to PDF and vice versa
  • E-signing PDF
  • Compressing PDF
  • PDF reader and editor
  • Numbering pages on PDF
  • Rotating PDF documents

SmallPDF is the best PDF software for students as it addresses different learning needs ranging from the administration and coordination of learning resources. It also allows the use of paperless and less tasking procedures of enrolling students through the use of digital signatures. Also, institutions that use this application can capitalize on the availability of this free PDF editor for teachers in sharing, converting, editing, merging and splitting of documents.


PDFescape offers its PDF editor for students free of charge. Most of the essential editing services for students are available on PDFescape online for free including form designer and filler, online PDF editor and reader.  With PDFescape, learners and teachers can access password protected documents and annotate documents.

Premium and ultimate features of PDFescape include: Webmaster tools, extensive premium and ultimate desktop features, and opening of documents without the need to download them. Since most of their basic services are free and accessible from the browser, PDFescape is a preferred choice for most users both in learning institutions and business.


Free PDF editor for teachers and students make learning much easier and fun for both parties. It is more so applicable in digital learning platforms which have now become more of a necessity than a choice. Users have increasingly more options to choose from when editing their PDF documents, however not every software provides high quality results as some will downright disappoint you. As I have listed above, you can now choose among the best free PDF editor for students, teachers and businesses depending on your needs.


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