Best Ways To Get Involved in Your Community

After the various lockdowns and restrictions on socializing forced upon individuals worldwide during the Coronavirus pandemic, many people find it difficult to re-enter their social lives in meaningful and satisfying ways. Where once working life provided a sense of social engagement, now many of us work from home, and even those in the office are often experiencing a sense of loss after the significant isolation of the past years.

It can be hard to know how to combat these feelings of isolation and loneliness, particularly for those who live alone without family or who find themselves without hobbies to turn to. There is a remarkably simple way to remind yourself that you are a part of a collective in the post-COVID world: getting involved in your local community.

Many people who led busy, fulfilling lives before the pandemic didn’t consider just how meaningful community participation can be for themselves and others in their neighborhoods. Getting involved with those around you by taking on community projects and helping with local movements is one of the best ways to shake off those lingering COVID blues.

Here are two great ways to get involved in your community.

Start a Fundraiser For Your Local School

No matter where you live, there is likely a local school very nearby. Often, in fact, there are a few! Elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools are frequently placed near one another to make it easier for children to attend all three. There might even be a community college, too!

Schools are one of the places where the community gathers consistently and frequently through hosting and engaging in fundraising ideas for schools such as bake sales, book drives, dances, etc. Research has shown that when schools involve local community members – whether or not they have a child in attendance – everyone thrives. So why not drop by your local high school and see whether they are planning any events in the near future that you can help out with?

Or, better yet, organize an event yourself that happens through the local school. This meaningful engagement with the local community will leave you feeling much better about society in general and likely introduce you to a few new friends!

Volunteer At A Care Home

Another place where community events are often taking place is the local care home for senior citizens or individuals struggling with developmental difficulties. These places are usually at the heart of a community, and events to inspire smiles and activity are always taking place.

These events aren’t just for residents, however: most care homes host community-wide events such as parties, dinners, gardening sessions, and shopping trips to encourage older people – or those who might otherwise feel themselves apart from the community – to feel connected to others.

Whether you are feeling a bit isolated post-COVID or simply want to engage a bit more with the world around you, getting involved with your community is a great place to start!


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