Biggest Car Accidents in History

In 1991, a highway pile up occurred near the city of Ochten, Netherlands. Due to heavy fog, multiple vehicles collided and several caught fire. The accident killed one person and injured sixty-four others. There were 150 vehicles involved. Learn more about the worst car accidents in history and how you can prevent them from happening again. You may even be inspired to make your own car crash video! And don’t forget to share your experience with us!

In the winter of 1989, heavy fog covered the Autobahn A2 in Lower Saxony. Even though warning signs were posted for miles, they weren’t enough to prevent a 70-car pileup. The wreckage stretched for a half-mile and involved 33 fire companies. Survivors recalled that it sounded like endless bombs. The massive insurance claims from the accident were staggering. The crash prompted the state of Tennessee to develop a better fog warning system. Fog sensors have the ability to change freeway signs and close offramps to prevent pileups. For car accidents lawyer click here.

The Salang tunnel fire in central Afghanistan killed nearly 2,000 people. The driver of the limousine was drunk and failed a mandatory safety inspection. The limousine failed to wear seat belts, so federal regulations should require that they be installed in all limousines. Another notable accident occurred in Malaysia during Hurricane Rita. It killed more than 20 people, including two riot police and ten nursing home evacuees.

One of the biggest car accidents in history involved 216 vehicles. This accident was the largest in the world, causing a highway pileup of over two hundred vehicles. The driver of the tractor-trailer struck a concrete divider, which caused the crash. Fog is believed to have been the primary cause of the accident, as visibility was very limited during the early morning hours. This accident also caused a blizzard.

In June 1956, a flatbed truck carrying migrant workers crashed into a tractor-trailer carrying potatoes. The resulting crash killed 21 people. The next year, an open-top truck carrying 49 Boy Scouts lost brakes and plunged into Carcass Wash. On December 11, 1990, heavy fog caused ninety-nine cars to pile up. The number of fatalities was very high.

The first American automobile accident occurred in Ohio City, Ohio, in 1891. John William Lambert, the driver of the first single-cylinder gasoline automobile, struck a tree root and hit a hitching post. In 1899, Henry H. Bliss was the first US traffic accident fatality. What makes these events so tragic is that they usually occur during adverse weather conditions. But when the weather conditions are bad, the largest car accidents are caused by the most severe weather.


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