Buy Ganesh Idol Online and Say Yes to a Better and Brighter Life

Looking to fill your life with prosperity, abundance, good health, and positivity? Then it makes complete sense to buy a Ganesh idol online, create a beautiful space for the deity to preside over your home, and bask in his blessings. Ganapati Bappa can give you the wisdom and strength to overcome all challenges, think clearly in all situations, and achieve your life’s goals with ease. He can bring you wealth and stability besides improving familial relationships and ensuring peace of mind. Moreover, with so many options available from online sellers these days, choosing that perfect idol is a simple task, whether you like something intricate and gorgeous or simple and elegant.

Things to consider before you buy a Ganesh idol online

  • Size and weight – The Ganesh idol you choose should be easy to handle and complement the room or space you place it in. For instance, a big idol will look wonderful in a large temple or a spacious hall, while a small one is more suitable for a table, work desk, or shelf.
  • Design – The elephant-headed deity comes in a variety of designs, whether you are looking for something eye-catching or earthy. A silver coated tree Ganesha idol or a silver and gold coated murti seated on lotus can lend much splendour to any space. Or you can go for pieces that show the lord seated on an elevated surface and wearing a red or yellow dhoti. These colours are auspicious and can usher in a lot of luck and happiness.
  • Material – Before you buy a Ganesh idol online, make sure that the materials used are of top quality and resistant to chipping and tarnishing. Usually, pieces that use metals, like a silver coated tree Ganesha idol, should come with certificates of authentication that prove the metals’ purity. Ideally, the materials should stand the test of time and require minimal maintenance.
  • Details – Since the intent behind bringing home a Ganesh Murti is to fill every nook and cranny with good vibes, check these details carefully. The idol should have a crown on its head and four hands. The deity should be holding a modak, his favourite sweet, in one of the hands. His vehicle, the mouse, should be at his feet. The lord should also have a sacred thread around his torso and his trunk should be bent towards the left. One of the tusks should be broken too.

Things to check about the seller

  • Reputation – When you buy a Ganesh idol online, always go for a seller who has good reviews and testimonials from past customers. Check if their website contains adequate information and if their product descriptions are detailed and transparent.
  • Variety – Ideally, the seller should offer a large collection of Ganesh idols, so you can compare and choose one that fits your taste and budget. Apart from the popular silver coated tree Ganesha idol, they should have gold coated Ganesha sitting on a lotus, the Buddhividhata form in gold and silver, and the Prathameshwara form in gold and silver, among others. Leading sellers have idols that include bright and lucky hues like yellow, red, and green as well. Idols should come in multiple sizes too.
  • Free shipping and cash on delivery – Go for a seller who offers free shipping, especially if you are buying an idol that is large, heavy, or highly expensive. This will help you save a lot of money even if the idol is shipped from a different city or state. You should also have the option to pay in cash after the deity is delivered. This way, you won’t have to fret about making the payment first and then waiting for the right item to reach you safely.
  • Easy returns and refunds – No matter how reliable a seller is, accidents happen. So, in case you end up with the wrong idol or one that is damaged or broken somewhere, it should be easy to return the same and get the right one or get a refund. The process should be speedy too.

How to appease Lord Ganesh

Once you buy a Ganesh idol online, make sure to place the deity as per Vastu and offer your prayers sincerely and in the right way. Here are some things you can keep in mind:

  • Whether you buy a silver coated tree Ganesha idol or any other form, make sure to place it in the northeast or north direction. The murti should not face south as it can bring in negativity.
  • Avoid placing the deity in or near a washroom, under the stairs, or in the garage, storage room, laundry room, or a bedroom.
  • Make sure the lord is placed in an uncluttered and clean area that receives ample lighting. You can also spread a red cloth on the surface before placing the idol on it.
  • Every day, make sure to worship Ganapati Bappa first and then the other deities. You can light up a diya with desi ghee and burn incense to get started.
  • Offer a garland made of bright yellow flowers like marigold or something composed of jasmine, hibiscus, or chrysanthemums.
  • On a beautiful thali, ideally made of silver or brass, offer the deity laddoos and modaks, as these are his favourite sweets. You can also offer ripe bananas.
  • Offer Durva grass and sweet betel leaves as well on Wednesdays.
  • Finally, chant the Ganesh mantra and perform aarti to seek the lord’s blessings.
  • If you wish to add a special touch to the prayer environment, draw a vibrant rangoli in front of the deity.

Get ready for a fulfilling future

Now that you know how to buy a Ganesh idol online and worship the powerful god for a successful, healthy, and happy life, get ready to welcome his divine presence. Just remember to research about different sellers and compare them before zeroing in on one. Or you can simply explore the wonderful collection from IdolKart and pick the one that catches your eye and fits your budget.


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