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If you are asked what gifts are from India, then the sari will definitely rank first in the survey. Sari or saree or share is a type of cloth worn by women in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. Sari cloth in the form of clothing consisting of strands of cloth that are not sewn, the variations vary with a length of 4-9 meters that are worn on the body in various styles.

There are  fabrics for every day and for formal events

This Sari or Saree is a 4-5 meter long cloth with beautiful motifs. Usually, Indian women wear the Sari in a way that is wrapped around it without being sewn. can be used for daily activities both from formal events and casual events.

To find out more, here are some Sari fabric models that you can choose as your outfit:

Casual Sari fabric for everyday

This type is usually worn every day by Indian women. Usually, this type has a thin and light fabric texture. Many people choose this type because the material is very comfortable for daily activities. Usually, Indian women wear it by wrapping it around the waist and then on the shoulder.

Wedding Sari

For Indians, a wedding is one of those occasions where the bride has to look her best. Usually, the Sari worn by the bride is heavier than usual because it has a unique embroidery pattern and various additional accessories. The price is quite expensive because it has a unique style and is also very luxurious and elegant when used by the bride.

Lace sarees for formal events

Another type of Sari is Sari Lace which is usually used for formal events such as coming to a wedding or having dinner with family. Usually, Indian women wear Sari Lace to attend family dinners and other formal events.

Silk Sari cloth for religious events

Slightly different from other types, this sari usually has two color combinations. Indian women usually wear silk saree to attend religious events and attend other places of worship.

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According to, once upon a time, the sari consisted of two parts. One is worn around the hips and the other is draped over the front to cover the chest and shoulders. However, now the sari wore consists of one material only 5-9 meters long and 1 meter wide. The saree is wrapped around the waist, with the ends threaded from the shoulder to the back. The saree is usually worn over a petticoat or undergarment (pavada/pavadai in South India, and Shaya in East India), with a choli or ravika blouse. The choli has short sleeves and a low neck to adapt South Asians to its hot summers

This typical clothing for women from India has even been adapted into a fashion trend for women’s clothing today, not only for Indian women. Now the sari is not just a traditional South Asian dress, but also a symbol of female elegance. A girl or woman becomes more elegant and respectable when wearing a sari. Uniquely, in India almost all women wear saris to work to the office, rarely wearing casual clothes.

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