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Today we will discuss how to buy steroids online in canada. Why you should try cream and not injections or orals, benefits of cream use, some samples or guides for its use and other interesting information.

Why Testosterone Cream

Imagine that you decided to buy testosterone cream online canada. Why would you do it? Firstly, your doctor told you to do so. You can buy testosterone cream only with the official doctor’s prescription. They usually give it to you if your body can not produce enough testosterone, for hormonal replacement therapy and to cure hypogonadism. Testosterone is a hormone that is responsible for the growth and development of male reproductive organs, as well as secondary sexual characteristics (low voice, muscle mass and male pattern hair). So we can say that it is a main men`s hormone which regulates the bigger part of the processes in your body. If you do not have it much you can experience libido problems, muscle pain and other unpleasant stuff, that is why doctors can recommend you to use testosterone cream. 

What is Topical Application Way 

When choosing the forms of drugs, it is necessary to take into account the degree of spread of the disease process, its localization, the stage of the disease, the nature and depth of the inflammatory process, and anamnestic data regarding the tolerance of various types and means of local therapy. So, a local or topical application is a way where you put on drugs. Few drugs are absorbed through intact skin. The rate and extent of absorption depends on the surface area to which the drug is applied and its solubility in fats, since the epidermis behaves like a lipid barrier. The dermis, in contrast to the epidermis, is permeable to many water-soluble substances, therefore, preparations are more easily absorbed through damaged skin (with burns, abrasions). An increase in absorption is also facilitated by an increase in blood flow (for example, with inflammation). 

For example, to prevent motion sickness, a patch with scopolamine is glued to the skin behind the ear: a higher temperature and a good blood supply to this area increase absorption. Patches with estrogens used for hormone replacement therapy ensure the release of a maintenance dose of estradiol into the blood; at the same time, the level of estrone (a metabolite of estradiol) in the blood is much lower than when taking estrogens by mouth. And if we are talking about buy testosterone cream online canada you should put it on clean, dry skin in the area of the shoulders, forearms or abdomen, unless the doctor recommends doing it on another area of the skin. Maybe on the front and inner thighs.

Benefits of testosterone Cream

Let’s look closer why it is easier to use testosterone cream and not its other options.

– No Injection Risks

It is the most obvious benefit. You do not need to mess with the syringes, waste your money on them and put yourself on the needle. Plus, you do not need to have any special abilities to put on a cream, only a cream itself, your arm and a place where to put it. The cream also provides a slightly better increase in dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels; hence, increased erectile strength and general sexual functioning. Since DHT is critical to male libido, it makes sense that trans-sonic cream has an advantage over intramuscular injections. The rise in DHT and potentially PSA levels is temporary at best (and why it is so important that you work with a doctor who is expert in using transdermal delivery systems in their practice). Daily use of a cream is a great way to mimic endogenous testosterone production; minimizing fluctuations in testosterone levels. 

– Bioavailability

Bioavailability in pharmacology is the amount of a drug that reaches its site of action in the human body, or simply the ability to be absorbed. Bioavailability is the main indicator characterizing the amount of losses, the higher the bioavailability of a medicinal substance, the less its losses will be during assimilation and use by the body. In the case of testosterone cream it is much less than in injectable and orals, we will not lie, only about 4 to 16%. But it is still less toxic for the liver and less harmful for the body. 

– It’s always pharm-grade quality 

Testosterone cream is always more qualified than injectable and orals because it is more legal and controlled by special authorities. It is harder to forge it.

Test Cream Guide 

The dose and a place of application depend on your weight, doctor`s recommendations and the name of the drug. Hence, Androgel is available in two concentrations: 1% and 1.6-2%. Both types of cream are applied to the skin, but in different quantities. The recommended starting dose of “Androgel” in one percent concentration is 50 milligrams once a day. If you are using the cream in sachets, tear the bag up along the marking line and squeeze a small amount of the cream either on the palm of your hand or on the area of the body that the doctor specified in his prescription. Wash your hands before and after testosterone cream use. After application, wait at least 10 minutes and then put your clothes on. The cream needs this time to soak in and start acting. For at least two to five hours after application, do not take showers, do not do workouts or the cream will go out with sweat or water. And do not touch children or women, for them cream can be toxic. 

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