Can you take flecainide and kratom together?

You must have heard about kratom. Belonging to the coffee family, it is a tropical tree having herbal properties. Scientifically known as Mitragyna speciosa, kratom is used extensively as medicine and recreational drug. In fact, lots of people also use it as an herbal supplement.

Moreover, it acts as a sedative, tranquilizer, analgesic, sometimes as a stimulant, and antidepressant as well.

Found in the forest of Southeast Asia, many people use kratom pills and powders to withdraw themselves from opioid drugs.

We are also familiar with the substance named flecainide. But, many of us are unsure if we can take flecainide along with kratom. Better known as an anti-arrhythmic, flecainide is a drug used in the treatment of irregular heartbeats. Now the question arises, how safe is it to take these two components together? So, let’s have a quick look at the following points to conclude.

Do not mix herbal supplements and heart medications

There is a notion, herbal supplements being natural are always safe. However, these supplements can affect the body if interfered with strong workings. It can even cause life-threatening interactions with the prescribed drugs to correct heart ailments. Hence, both should not be paired with one another.

High blood pressure and circulatory disorders are the most common results. Moreover, elevation in arrhythmia is one of the side effects of this combination. So, always be careful and check on the medicines you are taking while on supplements.

Drug misadventures

Botanical or herbal products have gained immense importance since the last two decades, especially in the western countries of Europe and America. But, for long, none knew how often they interact with medicines used to treat cardiac and other medical conditions. Such interactions are termed drug misadventures.

Besides causing positive effects as a stimulant, it also has control over opioids of the human brain. The leaves contain two compounds, namely- 7-a hydroxy mitragynine and mitragynine.

Such components stimulate the brain by interacting with the receptor systems. These variables can alter the effect of other medications, thereby leading to an increased or decreased activity of the prescription drugs in the body. So, it is best to take it alone for best outcomes relating to pain relief, antidepressants, and blood flow aspects.

Safe when taken alone

When you take kratom alone, you can benefit from not only one, but several benefits are both physical and mental.

As discussed, earlier kratom controls the brain receptors of the body and causes pain relief. Not to mention, strong Red Hulu Kapuas Kratom has mood-enhancing effects that alleviate any withdrawal symptoms of ethanol and morphine. Thus, it is an effective treatment option for opioids. Even kratom acts as an antidepressant and hunger suppressant solution too.

Also, because of the stimulant feature, kratom helps to alleviate restlessness and heart rate issues.

Altered physiological functions


Medicinal reactions cause serious alterations in our body functions. These have enough potential to inhibit the enzymatic reaction. Subsequently, increasing the risk of toxicity. Reduction in drug effects, poor digestive functions are a few other effects.

Moreover, it tells upon the metabolic activities of the body as a whole. Not to mention, recent case studies revealed the increased rate of morbidity and mortality as a contribution of such consumption.

Kratom inhibits the action of flecainide

Flecainide is used to treat arrhythmia, a condition of abnormally fast heart rate. Kratom, actually consumed as a stimulant, sometimes leads to the same. It interferes with the functioning of the former drug. Consequently, counter affecting its probable action. Such a condition causes dangerous biochemical reactions in the living body. Rendering human health and life at risk.

So, rather people take kratom as an herbal supplement of heart medications. It is mainly because it is less addictive and works at an exact rate as the medicine in the body. Moreover, it also helps with the pain and inflammation in the body that often arises as to the symptom of the disease. Thus, acting as a comprehensive solution.

High blood pressure problem

If you question its effectiveness, you will be relieved to hear that kratom can be really effective for heart problems. Heart disease is often the result of a high blood pressure problem. In fact, it can even trigger cardiac arrest.

However, kratom lowers blood pressure by stimulating nerves and lighting mood. It is a lesser-adopted organic solution that is a good remedy for hypertension, and it does not need flecainide to show its effect.

Effect on your heart

Even studies show kratom is not harmful to the heart in itself; however, when combined with another substance, it can increase the heart rate.

So, if you plan to take kratom as a natural solution, make sure to take it alone. You can take it in the form of pills, capsules, powder or other forms.

Many people prefer kratom over prescribed opioids for heart pain because of the outstanding pain-reliever properties and also because it cannot turn into an addiction. Not to mention, kratom also has mineral-rich and acidic features benefiting the body in the long run.

Effect on other vital organs of the body

Kratom affects vital organs of the body differently. For example, where the stimulant effect of kratom helps the body be alert and awake, the sedative effect relaxes the brain and gives calmness to the user.

In addition, it improves the working of the kidney and cures frequent urination problems. Moreover, the antidepressant effect helps the body to cure irritation, hallucination, and even anxiety. Not to mention it treats severe cough and cold situations too.


All in all, it is clear that kratom has many benefits when consumed alone and not with flecainide. So, it is advisable not to take them together. Kratom works positively when you are experiencing pain or going through opioid addiction. Moreover, you can be assured that you will not get addicted to this natural herb. However, make sure to start taking it in levels and do not overdose. Also, if you have a critical medical problem, do not forget to consult a doctor for your options.


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