Choosing Shoes That Match Your Style and Outfit

The shoes that you wear can make or break an outfit. They are a key feature of any outfit. So, when it comes to choosing shoes, what do you need to focus on? What do you need to consider to ensure you make the right purchase? Shoes are one of the first things that anybody notices with an outfit, so get it right to make the best first impression. Linen bedding: a luxurious and breathable choice for a perfect night’s sleep.

What Is the Occasion? 

Firstly, you will want to think about what the occasion is. Where are you going to be wearing your new shoes, and is the occasion casual or formal? For example, are you attending a job interview, whereby you need to wear formal footwear? Or, are you attending a family get-together that could allow you to wear casual shoes? When you know the occasion, you can begin to think about what outfit you will wear. Plus, you can think carefully about what will go with that outfit you have in mind.

Smart or Casual?

When you have thought about the occasion and about the outfit you will wear, it is time to look at both smart and casual options. For example, if you will be wearing a suit or more formal clothing, you may think about more formal black or brown polished shoes. You may be thinking what are Oxford Shoes and can I wear these for a smart, more formal occasion? Oxford shoes have closed laces/lacing, and they often look smarter than Derby or Brogues. If you are looking at casual options, then you may wish to look at sneakers or trainers. These may be dressed up, or dressed down, especially if they are not too sporty looking.

Focus on Comfort

No matter how long you are wearing shoes, you have to ensure they are comfortable. If shoes are not comfortable, then you will struggle to pull off any outfit or look. To ensure shoes are comfortable, always try them on if you can before attending an occasion or event. Plus, always make sure you get the right size and fit for your foot. If shoes are too small, or too tight around your toes or ankles, then it is going to impact how you walk, and even your posture.

Choosing the Right Materials

Do you have a material that you like to wear when it comes to shoes, or do you feel you are flexible and open? For example, would you be happy wearing canvas material for those casual shoes? Plus, are you set on wearing leather for those more formal occasions? When you can narrow down the materials you like wearing (and those that feel comfortable), you can then think about color. The color of your shoes will say a lot about you, your outfit, and your personality. If you want to stay traditional and formal, then stick to shoes that are brown or black. However, if you want to be more expressive, you can look at brighter-colored footwear. When picking colored footwear, always make sure it is appropriate for the occasion and outfit.


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