Clever Ideas and Designs in Animal Crossing New Horizons

After entering society, we may have little chance to calm down and think about such a grand philosophical proposition as what life is. We are forced to move forward by the main tasks of graduation, marriage and having children, but we forget every bit of life. But gradually, some people still miss the beauty of life and remember the daily warmth. They are no longer superstitious about flowers and applause, no longer ashamed to focus on their daily life and bury their heads in daily necessities. Just as in any kind of art carrier, we can see that creators are constantly committed to showing the pure brilliance of daily life. We always say that games are virtual, but such games remind us to pay attention to life itself and that we should stop and see everything around us.

The topic triggered by life theme games in recent two years is a good signal. It calls on people to go back to life, examine their own existence and feel the beauty of life. The reason why Animal Crossing New Horizons is so addictive is not that the game is very strong, on the contrary, it is very strong in life. He provides us with a space to practice what we can’t do in our daily life. What excites me most is the meteor shower system. After working hard during the day, you can choose a sunny night to wait for the meteor to come. Accompany you to see the meteor shower. It falls on the island. When the meteor crosses, press the A key to make a wish, and you can pick up fragments related to constellations on the beach the next day. After collecting the fragments, to go to the island, you can get the star ACNH DIY recipe and make items Animal Crossing related to stars.

As a long extinct animal, Dodo is simple, honest and lovely. The Dodo is huge and weighs up to 23 kilograms, but it can’t fly. To mark the memory of this lovely animal, Nintendo took dodo as the manager of Animal Crossing airlines. Fulfill our wish that the Dodo is not extinct, and also give it a dream of free flight.

We should all know that planting the dug money back into the pit can grow a money tree.No matter how much money is dug up, each fruit of the money tree is only ten thousand bells AC.

Nintendo fully reproduces the design of the real aquarium and nature museum in this moving Forest Museum. It is said that the architect’s biggest dream is to design a museum. It seems that the Nintendo production team is also mixed with architects. The gregarious fish swim in the water tank, the fish are surging under the glass floor, and the insect area in the nature museum, where all the collected butterflies are flying and dancing. There are also interesting displays in the Fossil Museum, lifelike. But the eggs buried deep inside are evolutionary trees. In fact, those curves represent the evolutionary process of organisms from single cell to multi cell, from fish to ashore, separating dinosaurs and extinction. The last branch of the evolutionary tree is also the rightmost branch of small animals, and no image is drawn on it. But when you get here, there will be a beam of light on it, accompanied by the sound effect – this evolutionary tree refers to you and me, that is, humans.


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