Common Questions About Medicinal Marijuanas In Australia

Even though the legislation to allow medicinal marijuanas in Australia was changed by the federal government back in 2016, there is still an air of mystery surrounding it. This is understandable, most of the 20th century was spent calling cannabis an illegal substance so for it to be suddenly in the atmosphere of acceptance in the medical community – there’s a slight and understandable whiplash.

Medicinal marijuanas in Australia have a checkered history when it comes to access, scrutiny, and legality across the board. This, however, changed when the landmark decision in 2016 made prescribing medical cannabis legal and allowable under certain conditions and approvals.

While a small step, it represented a change in the way we view the substance in the country. Sufferers are able to access medicinal marijuanas in Australia through approved online vendors which is a great leap forward and a signpost for where the industry is currently headed.

There are still many people who have questions about medicinal marijuanas in Australia, so today’s article will be addressing a few of these questions.

Can I Buy Medicinal Marijuanas In Australia At A Pharmacy?

At this point in time, there are still prescribing necessities and processes in place for patients to be able to access medical cannabis at a pharmacy. Over-the-counter sales are not permitted at this point in time, but there is always credence for it in the future.

Once you have a prescription that has been approved by the TGA and your prescribing physician you are able to go to a participating chemist and have it filled.

Are There Particular Ailments That Medical Cannabis Is Used For?

There is always research being conducted into the particular ailments that would benefit from the use of medicinal marijuanas in Australia. However, as this research often takes time to complete and for the findings to be accepted, it can be a game of patience.

Sydney University recently reported on the findings of a study that was conducted into some of the initial and prevailing reasons for prescriptions being given across the board. This has included anxiety-related ailments, sleep disturbance ailments, and pain management.

As we mentioned before, there is always research being conducted into the true efficacy, however, at this time it is very much a case-by-case basis for physicians and prescriptions.

What Is The Process Of Being Prescribed With Medicinal Marijuanas In Australia?

The process has undergone some changes in recent years as in 2020 there were adjustments made to the prescribing process which negated a lot of the red tape and cumbersome hurdles that often tangled physicians with gaining approval for prescriptions. Since this change, the process has become much more streamlined, and approvals have also become simpler and more straightforward.

Essentially, when a prospective patient gets in touch with their doctor, they’ll undergo an exam and have a discussion with their doctor about possible treatments. If the doctor decides that the best course of action is medical cannabis, they will submit a request through the SaS or Special Access Scheme through the TGA.

Once approved they will be able to prescribe medicinal marijuanas in Australia.

Are Medicinal Marijuanas In Australia Covered By Medicare?

At this time, medicinal marijuanas in Australia are not covered by Medicare. The product Epidyolex was added to the PBS in 2021 for the treatment of Dravet Syndrome.

Can I Drive While Taking Medicinal Marijuanas In Australia?

As it stands, drivers who have THC detected in their system are not permitted to drive. Particular CBD products can be consumed prior to driving provided that there are no traces of THC. Please confirm with your healthcare professional appropriate use of your CBD medication as a driver. There are arguments over the validity of older rules with modern changes to legislation, but that is still up for debate.


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