Comprehensive Guide To Rental Cars In Dubai For Your Adventure

Read this First before your next Dubai Adventure! Currently, long-term car renting is a favorable option over purchasing a car. It is true that buying a car also has its advantages but when it comes to flexibility, comfort and affordability; renting a vehicle is far more reliable for a traveler in Dubai. Whether it’s a business trip, a vacation or an adventure; a Dubai rental cars luxury is the ultimate option.

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know before renting a car for your next Dubai trip.

6 Amazing Benefits Of Rental Cars In Dubai

The past several years have seen an impressive increase in Dubai’s car rental market. The industry generated impressive profits amounting to approximately $1.8b in 2018 and was projected to hit $3bn by 2025. The reason for this growth stems from some realized benefits of rental cars in Dubai against purchasing and depending on public means.

  1. Convenient: When you rent a car, you enjoy the convenience of having a vehicle, this means that you do not need to wait at the bus stop to get to your destination. It also means that you can decide where you want to go and when you want to.
  2. Privacy: As opposed to public transportation, renting a car offers you the privacy that you may not find in public transportation. We all have moments where we want to spend the day alone without any company, but we still need to get around regardless of how we feel. Car rental allows us to move freely without the need to deal with other people.
  3. Affordable: Car renting is quite affordable especially when compared with the cost of buying the same car you are renting. Public transportation however, might seem cheaper, but when you consider the delay, discomfort and unreliability, it is significantly better to rent a car.
  4. Flexibility: Car rental in Dubai gives us the flexibility to enjoy a taste of all our favorite cars without committing to a single vehicle. With a car rental marketplace like – OneClickDrive, which has over 2000 vehicles listed by several reputable suppliers, you can choose to rent a different car a month and enjoy the speed of a ferrari or the durability of an SUV depending on your preference at a particular time.
  5. Rent Your Dream Car: Most people cannot afford the cost of buying their dream car, no wonder we have very few ferraris on the road. Opting for a luxury rental car in Dubai can bring your dreams to life allowing you to rent your dream cars and take pictures in it for show-off.
  6. A Test Drive is Not Enough: Even if you prefer to buy your own car, a 10 minute test drive is never enough for you to decide what car would be your life partner. When you rent a car, it gives you more insights on how a car would be when you use it long term.

Why You Should Go For A Luxury Rental Car In Dubai

The benefits of renting a car are multiplied when you rent a luxury car. Renting a luxury car offers you all the advantages of renting just any other car, on top of that, the comfort and reliability are off the charts. It is also a way to increase your status and look more important to command respect from people. Luxury car rental services in Dubai also have unmatched customer support who are available to cater your needs when you need them.

5 Essential Factors To Consider Before Renting A Car

Before renting a car for your next trip or adventure, check out the following tips to ensure a smooth rental experience in Dubai.

  1. Minimum Age Requirement: If you are below 25, chances are that you may be considered too young to drive. But don’t despair, this is not the case with every rental company in the city, that is why you need to go through a marketplace, that way you will see suppliers who do not rent cars to under 25 and those who add a ‘young driver’ bill to your package. But most importantly, it is generally unacceptable for individuals under 21 to drive on the streets.
  2. Car Insurance: Paying for a car insurance might feel like an added expense, however, the cost is justifiable when you consider the possibility of an accident or any unprecedented mishap on the road. Rent your vehicle from companies with low insurance to save cost.
  3. Documents: Before renting a car anywhere in the world, there are vital documents you must put in place to avoid getting into trouble. The documents that are generally required are;
  4. Drivers license.
  5. National Id
  6. Credit Card
  7. Drivers Permit
  8. Reservation Proof.
  9. Refill the Tank: It is a general rule that after using a rental car in Dubai, you should return it with the tank full. Returning the car with an empty tank will incur penalties worth three times the price of fuel.
  10. Inspect the Car Before Driving: The first thing you should do when your car is delivered to you is to do a thorough inspection of the vehicle. If you find any damage, dent or even a scratch make sure to report it to the company to change the vehicle or put it down on paper. This will avoid any future problem of you having to pay for damage you did not cause.


If you are visiting Dubai from another country, you will find that rental cars in Dubai are the most efficient way to move around the city. However, Dubai has several well-structured rules and regulations, and to enjoy a smooth experience, read and implement the guidelines on this list.


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