Consulting a motorcycle accident lawyer: Pro tips to consider

Nothing is scarier than getting injured in a traffic mishap. Unfortunately, road accidents are regularly reported in Georgia, and some of the most devastating ones involve motorcyclists. Because a biker is not as safe as someone in a passenger sedan, they often suffer severe injuries. Immediately after a motorcycle accident, you need to seek medical care and must inform the police. Consider informing your insurance company and contact an injury lawyer soon. You can click here for a free consultation session. If you are meeting a motorcycle accident lawyer for the first time, here are some pro tips to consider.  

  1. Get your file. Did you maintain a file for your medical records? Do you have pictures and videos from the scene? Did you miss going to work for weeks? How much did you earn per week before the accident? Make sure that you come with all the details. While the first consultation doesn’t cost anything, you should make the most of the time with an attorney.
  2. Ask the lawyer about their work. What are some of the recent motorcycle accident claims they have settled? Have they represented clients at trials? What is their success rate? You are a potential client and have the right to interview an attorney. You need to know whether the lawyer has a credible body of work that mainly includes auto and motorcycle accident cases.
  3. Beware of promises. While a good lawyer will check your file and answer your questions related to the claim, they cannot promise or guarantee anything. It also takes considerable effort to investigate a motorcycle accident to find fault and liability, and not everything is in the control of the attorney. Do not hire a lawyer who is ready to give assurances during the first meeting.
  4. Be honest. Where did the accident happen? Were you partly responsible for the mishap? Unless your lawyer knows all the details, they cannot help. Transparency and clear communication are prime aspects of the relationship between a lawyer and a client. Share whatever is relevant to your claim.
  5. Ask about their fee. You need to know what it would cost to hire a motorcycle accident lawyer. Most attorneys will charge a contingency fee, which could be higher when a case is likely to go to court. There could be other expenses, which the lawyer should explain.

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