Content Plan For Your Instagram Stories: Why You Need That?

Instagram Stories are the first thing a user sees when they open an app. The peculiarity of Stories is that they are displayed above the news feed and have a short lifespan (24 hours).

Stories are given a chance to post videos and pictures. If your account has more than 10 thousand subscribers, you can insert a clickable link (with a swipe up call) on your website, publication, telegram channel, Facebook page, etc. 

Benefits of making stories:

  • Stories are the perfect platform to introduce users to business owners. It is very important for consumers to know who is behind a brand.
  • Users are increasingly watching stories and fewer and fewer Instagram feeds. Therefore, if you want to be noticed more often, you should not ignore the regular posting of Stories.
  • Polls, questions, polls are quick tools to help you better understand your audience, their interests and characteristics.
  • Stories have more opportunities to make content interesting and dynamic, engage the audience, and encourage them to interact with the brand.
  • You can create promotions and special offers limited in time.

By following all these points, you can create creative instagram story ideas. But before that let’s make it easier with a content plan.

What is a content plan and why it is useful:

Content plan – a list of planned topics for Instagram stories, in a blog, social networks, mailing list and other resources on the Internet.

Most often, it is being made in an Excel spreadsheet, in which, in addition to ideas for materials, they indicate the person responsible for the work, the time and location.

Someone makes a plan for a week, others for a month or even a year. Everyone chooses a convenient period of time for work. But it is best to do it for at least a month. So you can see the big picture of the developed content: is there a shift in some direction, maybe some topic is used too often, and another is forgotten. On a monthly basis, this is easy to track. This doesn’t mean that you should mix all irrelevant topics. Your topics should be interesting, but always relevant! If you are an expert on digital coins, your topic is evident, and you can start by teaching your niche how to buy litecoin.

Let’s say there is a promotion for white T-shirts on May 1. In April, every week you can make materials in which the product will appear in one way or another. For example, considering how to combine T-shirts with other wardrobe items, or explaining what white means. The content plan is clear, so you can distribute the materials so as not to be intrusive and gradually “warm-up” the audience.

It helps to collect all ideas in one place without losing any useful thought. And also to structure topics and distribute their publication according to a well-thought-out strategy.

Employees have a clear understanding of their tasks. It’s easier to meet release deadlines this way. If the material needs to be agreed in advance, the content plan will motivate you to do all the work on time.

What content plan include?

  1. Create a document in an Excel spreadsheet.

1.1. Creation of required fields:

-the date;

-day of the week;

-time of publications;


-format (photo, video, animation, poll, repost);





Before planning instagram stories, create your brand identity and style for visual design: choose fonts, colors, frames, select music.  Mostly visual design has a great impact on the number of your story views, so do not forget to make it more creative with a random shape generator design tool.

Metrics and effectivity:

Metrics are a useful tool for measuring the efficiency of the instagram stories:

Views and reach- measure the reach of content in a section for your subscribers. 

Pressing Forward / Backward – track of the interaction. If you give your audience  tasks, questions and quests, you can understand which Stories caused difficulties, for example.

Exit – the users refuse to interact with the content. An alarming metric, follow it especially during periods of advertising activity, it will make it clear whether the target audience is watching your Instagram stories.

Answers – User engagement in Stories. Their number usually grows when you engage them and push them to take an action (polls, tests).

The good thing of placing statistics in the content plan is that you can easily analyze how different forms of content work and where it is better and more active to interact with stickers, as well as compare the time of release with the reach, and determine the popularity of categories.

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Even if for now your instagram stories are good looking, it is not enough. You need to constantly monitor and research how subscribers’ preferences and behavior change and increase their reaction to your content. Without a content plan, your success is only by accident, because efficiency is highly dependent on planning.


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