CORONA888 promotion – Exploding super shocking deals in 2023

Participating in betting at the CORONA888 house, players not only have fun but also increase their income. Especially the CORONA888 promotion The more players have the opportunity to earn more money. To learn more about these offers, please refer to our article below.

Summary of all promotions CORONA888 most attractive

Not only is the house reputable when it owns many modern entertainment games and competitive bonus rates, but the house also has many special promotions with 1 0 2. Thanks to its strong financial strength, the house always tries its best. to bring the best benefits to your players. To better visualize the promotions corona888 Then you should immediately refer to the information below:

Promotion for rookies with super program

To attract players to join the house, we have brought many benefits for new members. However, to benefit from this promotion, rookies need to meet the following conditions at the house:

CORONA888 promotion for rookies with super program

  • Players must first join and the account is properly registered. This means that the account that is successfully activated by the system will enjoy this attractive program.
  • The house stipulates that the age to participate in betting is 18 years or older. Therefore, to receive the promotion, you must also prove your age. Combined with the rules of receiving gifts from the house, it is easy to receive rewards.
  • In the process of providing personal information to be honest, not to cheat for profit. If the bookie finds out that there are signs of fraud or fraud, it will be canceled or even deleted the player’s playing account.
  • When participating in membership registration, you should check to see if at that time attractive promotions are still applied.
  • The house reserves the right to change the time and gifts in the promotion. Therefore, please research carefully before signing up to participate in betting.

Get promotion CORONA888 after 30 days of membership registration

The bookie has launched a super attractive promotion program to apply to official members. Based on the total deposit amount of the members who have participated in betting here, you will receive a certain bonus. Here are some promotions CORONA888 attractive:

Get CORONA888 promotion after 30 days of membership registration

  • Just make a total deposit of up to 5 million and make at least 3 deposits within a week, the player will have a chance to get the reward. Once the revenue from betting exceeds 50 million, a hot bonus of 200,000 VND will be automatically sent to your account.
  • If players reach a total deposit of 50 million and deposit at least 10 times in about 30 days, they will have the opportunity to receive extremely attractive bonuses. When betting turnover reaches 500 million, a special bonus of up to 888,000 VND will be transferred directly to the player’s game account.
  • The point worth noting is CORONA888 only requires the player to make x1 bets in a single round. This means that new members can make instant withdrawals.
  • However, each member is only allowed to link to a single bank account, and this information must match the information registered at CORONA888. Furthermore, only a single IP address can be used during the promotional event period CORONA888.

Refer a member, get the promotion right away CORONA888

In addition to the incentives when registering an account, the referral of more players will also receive money. The terms of this promotion will apply as follows:

Refer a member, get CORONA888 promotion now

  • When you successfully refer 1 new person with a minimum deposit of 1 million VND/member, you will receive 100,000 VND.
  • When you successfully refer 2 new people, with each person depositing at least 1 million VND, you will receive a bonus of 250,000 VND.
  • When you successfully refer 6 new people, each person deposits at least 1 million VND, you will receive 700,000 VND.
  • When successfully referring 15 new people, each person deposits at least 1.5 million VND, you get 2 million VND.
  • When you successfully refer 50 new people, each person deposits at least 1.5 million VND, you get 7 million VND.
  • When you successfully refer 100 new people, each person deposits at least 1.5 million VND, you get 10 million VND.

However, in this promotion, it is necessary to contact customer service to receive a referral code before participating in khuyến mãi corona888 Please. As long as you follow the correct process, the system will automatically apply and reward you.

Important notes when receiving CORONA888 promotion

When participating in incentive programs, gamers need to pay attention to the following points to avoid risks:

Important notes when receiving CORONA888 promotion

  • Read carefully about the bonus conditions and terms of the bookie to avoid misunderstandings later.
  • Promotions often have a limited time, gamers need to pay attention to this time to participate at the right time.
  • It is necessary to fulfill all requirements and complete the steps in accordance with regulations to receive the offer.
  • Players should be aware of the limit on the amount received in that promotion.

Here are the CORONA888 promotion that we just introduced. Join now to experience high-class service and receive hot deals here.


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