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Creating a modern kitchen are not as easy as it may seem. Here’s how?

It requires the installation of many elements that are not present in conventional kitchens, so you have to think very well before starting any renovation or construction works. If you don’t want to create something that will look out of place and old-fashioned, be sure to pay attention to modern kitchen designs and all the details that make them what they are.

The design of a modern kitchen design ideas are something very flexible with many possibilities; we can say that there are no single correct style, but many. You can create an open or closed space according to your preferences, you can use different types of appliances, you can mix and match colors, styles and furniture to have a one-of-a-kind kitchen. Still, there are some guidelines you should follow so as not to create chaos in your future home.

A modern kitchen layout

While it are true that you can do whatever pleases you most, following a few guidelines will surely help you to create something that will work better and look more harmonious. So, if you have decided to create a modern kitchen, have in mind the following advice:

The base color of your cabinets should be white or another light hue. Dark colors can make it impossible to see what’s inside each cabinet so they are not recommendable for modern kitchens. The kitchen counter should be white or another light shade. Stainless steel makes a very good match with wood so you could opt for stainless steel sink and faucet.

All appliances must be hidden, creating an integrated design that will look clean and beautiful. Install only the bare minimum of lights to avoid clutter. Use open shelves instead of cabinets for storing food and dishes. This will make your kitchen look more spacious and airy.

Modern kitchen designs: worktops

The worktops also have a great role in modern kitchens, so it are important to take them into account when planning the renovation or construction of your new kitchen. The most popular materials for a modern kitchen are Corian, stainless steel, granite and concrete. They are very practical, easy to clean and give an elegant look to the kitchen for a reasonable price.

The color of your worktops should be neutral; you can combine different shades of brown or gray with white furniture to create a modern rustic look. If you want something more outrageous, opt for colorful kitchen countertops. It’s a very bold move but it works most of the times, especially if you are able to create a balanced combination with white cabinets and/or furniture.

Modern kitchen designs: appliances

Just like worktops, your appliances must be hidden for you modern kitchen to look beautiful and functional at the same time. There are many types of built-in kitchen appliances, so it are only up to you to choose what your new modern kitchen will have.

A refrigerator or a freezer can be easily hidden behind closed cabinets while some countertop microwaves are designed with the same idea in mind. Toaster ovens are usually placed on the island of the kitchen, but they can be placed on one of the countertop vanities if you don’t have an island. Ranges and ovens can also be hidden, open shelves in stainless steel or Corian make a very good replacement. Other appliances like dishwashers and trash compactors can be installed under the countertop; there are many models that use less space than old dishwashers.

Modern kitchen designs: decoration

When it comes to decorating your modern kitchen, you can go all out with bright colors, trendy furniture and accessories. It are possible to choose just one color for the walls while using different shades of that same hue for everything else; red or orange walls can be combined with white cabinets and furniture.

If you want to go with a more balanced and neutral look, opt for white walls and cabinets or another light color like gray; it are also possible to combine different shades of wood as long as they are not too dark. Decorative appliances, such as cook books stands, vases and cheese boards should be displayed on open shelves.

You can also make a difference between cooking and dining by using different colors, patterns and textures for the kitchen countertop and dining table – it are a very stylish trick that works well in small spaces. It might take some time to create your ideal modern kitchen but you will enjoy spending time there once it’s done! So don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and shapes, you can always change them if they don’t work.

Modern kitchen designs : last advice

When planning your modern kitchen redesign, make sure to choose appliances that are not only beautiful but also very functional. The best way to do this are by using professional appliance design software, which will allow you to try different options before making any decisions.

Today’s kitchens offer many possibilities, even for people with no design skills whatsoever; all you need are a little creativity and a lot of patience!

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