Customized Kiss Cut Sticker Sheets: why they’re the Best

People take pictures with their friends and family every single day. Most of the time, people take pictures with their phones or digital cameras. But using a “normal” camera to take pictures can be fun. When you use a regular camera to take pictures, you must change the settings for focus and exposure by hand. But taking pictures with a smartphone is much easier because all the settings are already done for you. People now often use their phones instead of cameras to take pictures. Putting things like StickerYou kiss-cut stickers on photos makes them a lot more fun to take.

What are Kiss Cut Sticker Sheets? customers are asking about custom kiss cut stickers. Kiss cutting is a way to make stickers different from ones cut out with a die. Kiss-cutting is a great way to get the name of your business on your car or in front of your store. The name “kiss-cut” comes from how the sticker was cut to make its shape. A sharp metal dies is used to cut the sticker material, but it doesn’t go through the backing paper. 

Why Custom Kiss Cut Sticker Sheets?

You can change sticker sheets by cutting out stickers you’ve already picked and put them in patterns you like. They are great for adding color and personality to any paper or message. Also, they make everyday communication a lot more fun and personal. Also, sticker sheets are an easy way to make your home or office look more like you. People love putting on a few stickers when they see friends and family. Homes that are happy, bright, and make everyone feel better are the result.

When making your own custom kiss-cut sticker sheets, here are some things to think about:

What kind of kiss-cut sheets do you want?

1. The back of a kiss-cut sticker is the same as the part you can peel off. 

There are two cuts on kiss-cut stickers: a thru-cut line and a kiss-cut line. The kiss cut makes the part of your sticker that you can peel off, and you can change it however you want. The process is similar to digital die-cutting, in which the whole sticker is cut into a certain shape from top to bottom. On the other hand, the back paper of kiss-cut stickers is not cut. You peel off the material layer of the sticker. This technique makes the edge of your sticker stand out, where you can peel it off. What I mean is shown in the picture below.

When we look at a sheet of stickers, we can see the same things. The material layer is the only part of your sticker designs that get cut. The rest of the page doesn’t change.

This means the printed stickers on your sticker sheet will always be kiss-cut. 

2. Choose which stickers you want on your customized kiss cut sticker sheets:

Either print the same design more than once or make several stickers that will all fit on one sheet. You can get sticker sheets in any size you like. If you don’t pick a size, your sticker sheets will be about the size of an A4 sheet.

Because of the size, it is easy to put a lot of stickers or product labels on one page at once.

When making your sticker sheet, remember to leave space between each design. Each design on a sticker has to be at least 2 cm wide and 4 mm apart.

3. Hiring the best artisans for the job:

If you do not want to create your sticker sheet or can’t do your artwork. You can hire Professional manufacturers to make your custom kiss-cut sticker sheets for you. Benefits of hiring a professional,

  1. i) your product will be top quality
  2. ii) it will take less time

 iii) you have to sit back and enjoy the best artwork the company has to offer

Why Vograce could be the best place to get your designs on kiss-cut sticker sheets:

  1. Affordability:  custom kiss cut stickers made by Vograce are the cheapest of all the companies that make them. Your Custom Kiss Cut Sticker Sheets can be bought at a good price.
  2. Quality control: Vograce is one of the best places to get Custom Kiss Cut Sticker Sheets because they keep an eye on quality. Vograce can also be changed in many ways, making it a great choice for businesses and people.
  3. Production process:  Vograce is the best place to get personalized Kiss Cut stickers because of how well they make stickers. Thanks to their great customer service. You can always count on the company to help you out.


Instead of taking photos and writing letters the old way, custom Kiss-cut sticker sheets are a great alternative. It’s a simple way to show that we care about someone without requiring them to know anything or have anything special. Keeping in touch with loved ones is also easy when you have personalized kiss cut sheets on your phone.

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