Dealing With Domestic Violence Charges As A Public Figure  

Being accused of domestic violence is not a picnic for anyone, whether you are a common man or a public figure. Perhaps things become more complicated if you are popular, as the media might produce news containing mostly assumed information. Moreover, the people who follow you on social media may say additional things about you. 

Being talked badly about can harm your mental health, but taking the right steps to protect yourself is important. The minute you find out about the accusation, you should hire an experienced attorney. They can gather the necessary evidence to prove your innocence and advise you on dealing with the media. Meanwhile, here are some steps you can take. 

How to deal with domestic violence as a public figure 

  • Limit your social media use. 

If you are a public figure accused of domestic violence, many people who know you and watch the news will know about it. Your followers and the media will be waiting for your social media activity to get more updates on the topic so that they can publish the story. Limiting your social media use until the case has been resolved is important. Anything you say can be twisted and shown in a different light than you intended. 

  • Give importance to your family. 

Remember that you are not just a public figure but a person with a family. Your parents, siblings, spouse, or children are worrying about the situation and wondering what happened. Instead of caring about your reputation or what the public might think, you should talk to your family and admit to any wrongdoings. If you are innocent, let your family know. 

  • Do not become aggressive in public. 

The media might keep tabs on you and follow you around to question you about the ongoing situation. Being asked about a domestic violence case where you are not guilty can be irritating. While it is natural to lose your cool, you must stay calm as much as possible. Do not become aggressive in public, especially when talking to the media and journalists. Coming off as an angry and aggressive person can be detrimental to your legal case. 

  • Do not let the media complicate things for you. 

When approached by the media, do not speak to them. The media may twist your words, change their meaning and show a completely different story on their channel, which millions of people across the country watch. Remain silent when questioned, or have your attorney speak to them if necessary. You could also consult with your attorney before speaking to them. 

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