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Different Types of Paints for Exterior and Interior Walls

Do you want to give a complete overhaul to your farmhouse for an upcoming wedding? Or are you thinking of adding fresh new textures and different types of colours to your bedrooms? Is your exterior paint reminiscent of the 1920s and you need to give it a modern look?

Whatever your reasons, different types of painting are required for exterior and interior walls. But, what are the various types of wall paint? When should they be applied and to what effect? What is the best paint for damp home walls? Which paint is best for an accent wall?

You can find the answers to all your questions among the complete range of Berger interior paint and exterior wall paint products and other Painting Contractor for better ideas. From distempers to oil-based paints, exterior coatings to satin emulsions, all your solutions are available under one roof. Also, this is where you will find safety-certified and highly trained painters who will guide you to find the best paint for your home and apply them to perfection.

But before we get to that aspect, let’s understand the different types of paints for the exteriors and interiors of your home.

Made of water, lime chalks and colouring pigments, this a higher-grade whitewashing material. It can be a good choice for a quick repainting of your storage room, garage, laundry room and other such spaces where you might not want emulsion paint. Distemper paint is durable, easily applicable, and comes in many appealing colours. Acrylic distempers can offer a smooth matte effect. However, distemper paint is less durable than emulsion. So, if you’re looking for both durability and fine texture, consider emulsion paint.

  • Emulsion Paint

Emulsion paints are popular for various designer finishes and colour textures inside the home. They are a good choice for exterior walls as well. In most of these paints, water is the primary medium, along with pigment, additives and binders. They are durable and can give your walls a glamorous finish. For instance, Berger Silk Glamor is an interior house paint that has superior washability and can also provide unique metallic shimmer effects to the walls. It is a great option if you love to host dinner parties. It is also perfect for homes with kids and/or pets.

For your exterior surfaces, you will need something that can withstand the weather elements, apart from providing a fantastic finish. Berger WeatherCoat Long Life Flexo, for instance, has silicone additives to protect your exteriors against heavy rain. It also has dust-resistant and anti-microbial properties. Plus, it offers a superior sheen.

  • Enamel Paint 

If you need oil paint for walls that form a hard shell and offer sturdy protection, enamel paint is your solution. This solvent-based paint dries up to form a vitreous or glass-like shell. You might be recommended this paint by experts for windows, grills, masonry surfaces, and appliance finish touch-ups. It can last for years and still retain their glossy finish. It also dries faster than latex-based paint.

  • Cement-Based Paint 

Among the different types of wall paint that offer sturdiness and hardness, cement-based paints are very popular. They can be applied on brickwork or concrete, to prevent dirt accumulation and water penetration. They can be the best paint for exterior walls, although cement paints can be used on ceilings and bathrooms too. Cement paint might also be recommended for porous surfaces.

  • Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paint is made of pigment particles in an acrylic polymer emulsion. Water is the vehicle for water-based acrylic paint, which is mixed with a binder that keeps the pigment in place when the paint dries. Acrylic paints are known for their high flexibility and adhesion to any type of surface. They work for different types of painting styles and techniques, from traditional to experimental applications.

Berger Bison Acrylic Emulsion offers a smooth matte finish and has excellent anti-fading properties. It is twice as durable as distemper and is available in 10,000 different types of colours. 

  • Texture Paint

You can create extraordinary effects on your exterior walls with texture paints. Give them a natural stone look or 3D effect to make your home stand out in the neighbourhood. Not only can you bring in an artistic touch to your exteriors, but you can also make them weatherproof and protect them against fungal growth with such paint.

The Berger Exterior Texture collection brings together sophisticated technology and creative brilliance. For instance, Berger Florentina Vintage luxury texture coating is available in 9 artistic designs and offers high resistance against UV rays and mechanical damage.

When you choose Berger Paints interior and exterior paints, you are assured of products with low VOC content and Green-Pro certification by CII-IGBC. They do not contain harmful chemicals or elements like lead and arsenic.

Hire professional painters for the best results. Berger Express Painting offers safety-certified painters with years of expertise. The team follows strict Covid-19 protocols for your safety. All products will be sanitised and delivered to your doorstep. You can use the Express Painting app to book services, do colour consultations and check costs, invoices, and track the health of painters on your premises.


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