Do Polarized Sunglasses Offer UV Protection?

The dangers of the sun have been well-documented. Though it provides vitamin D and can boost your mood, it is also responsible for harmful UV rays that can damage skin and eyes due to long-term exposure. You can slather your skin in sunscreen, but how can you protect your eyes? One option is polarized sunglasses. Though polarization does not guarantee UV blocking, many polarized lenses are combined with UV-resistant material, making them a great option for optical protection

How to Tell if Your Polarized Sunglasses Have UV Protection

If some polarized lenses offer UV protection, but not all, how can you tell which ones do and don’t? You can generally assume that polarized sunglasses block UVB or UVA rays, but determining whether UV rays are blocked may require additional investigation. The easiest way to tell is to simply look for a label on the glasses indicating whether the lenses are UV-resistant or not. If so, the label will likely indicate the UV protection rating — for example, a rating of 100% or 400 indicates that the glasses block all UV rays.

Why You Should Invest in Polarized Sunglasses That Have UV Protection

Polarized sunglasses are one of the best investments you can make in protecting the long-term health of your eyes — especially if they come with full UV protection. UV blocking polarized sunglasses offer a range of benefits, including:

  • Minimize reflected light that is visible to wearers
  • Reduce discomfort from excessive sunlight
  • See past the surface of water more easily
  • Lower incidents of migraine caused by sunlight
  • Increase the contrast of color that is visible
  • Minimize eye strain that is caused by glare

These benefits make polarized sunglasses a fantastic investment for anybody concerned about preserving their optical health. Whether you’re headed to the beach or simply running errands, your eyes are always susceptible to the sun’s rays. UV-blocking sunglasses are an investment in protection.

How to Find Polarized Sunglasses That Fit Your Style

Polarized sunglasses for women come in a wide range of styles, and you’ll find an array of mens polarized sunglasses, too. Choose from understated or outrageous with these top shades that will fit any style:

  • Lion Heart by Millenia X2: The champagne hue of these futuristic shades make them ideal for the fashionista who also cares about her eye health.
  • Pacific Grace by H Series: The transparent wayfarer-shaped frames make these look classic, and ten different colors to choose from ensure there’s a style for everybody.
  • Atomic Candy by Mixtape: The metal temples of these shades are finished with satin, proving they’re for the detail-oriented.

All of these sunglasses come with a 100% UV rating and more style than any one person should possess. Shop to find the pair that’s perfect for your aesthetic.

Shades That Provide Both Fashion and Function

Sunglasses are one of the most popular accessories available, but the educated shopper knows they aren’t just for fashion. They’re functional, too, offering protection from harmful UV rays. Blenders Eyewear offers an expansive inventory of polarized sunglasses. Reach out online or call (858) 999-8023 to talk to a sunglasses expert.


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